YouTube Views Hack: 10 Tips For Great Results!

YouTube Views Hack

Are you stuck with your views and fed up searching for useful YouTube Views Hack!?

Well, Search No More! 😉

You may think that YouTube Views Hack is a slight mystery, don’t you?

In fact, no, since after reading this blog, it won’t be vague anymore, and you will never stop using it! 🤩

As you know, YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, comment, share, and upload their videos.

Youtube Views

Users can visit this platform to watch many subjects like football tricks, language lessons, or gaming.

Moreover, YouTube is considered as a search engine!

“YouTube is, at the end of the day, a search engine… that’s why Google bought it.” Jake Paul says.

Even though YouTube is a search engine, people consider it a social media platform because it has some points in common with:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • And many others.

You can see the similarity when you know that the meaning behind YouTube channels is to get as many people as possible to watch your videos and subscribe.

If the aim of your video is to boost YouTube views, which is the normal case 😁, then you may have some tough competition.

So, how can you make more views on YouTube and get more visibility!?

Don’t worry, since Biteplay is here to guide you and present the best YouTube Views Hack!

For now, is there anything you should know before implementing YouTube Views Hack?

Of course, there is! Let’s have a look…

First, Make Sure to Optimize Your Channel:

Optimize Your Channel

Suppose you’re in the business of creating videos.

In that case, you should have a correctly optimized YouTube channel to make sure your videos aren’t all for nothing.

Have you ever wondered what exactly does an optimized YouTube channel look like?

And how can you apply optimizations to your channel?

Many channels rely on things like being creative with the name or random cute puppies doing funny things to get views, but it takes more than that.

I will provide you with the most popular strategies to improve your YouTube channel:

  • Add hyperlinked citations for Key Moments.
  • Create impactful thumbnails.
  • Include related YouTube Hashtags and tags.

Don’t Forget to Choose the Right Audience:

Right Audience

You should know that if your videos do not reach the correct engagement metrics at first, your videos will not go anywhere since YouTube’s algorithm will block future views.

A video that fails is an expensive mistake, isn’t it? 🤦🏻‍♂️


It is wise to spend enough time defining, comprehending, andfinding your target viewers before taking any other step.

It’s the central point of how you research the right audience for your YouTube channel.

Now let’s look at some actual YouTube Views Hack tactics.


I am ready as well! 😉

YouTube Views Hack: 10 Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Views.

YouTube Views Hack

YouTube Views Hack #1: Ensure Your YouTube Basics are Going All Right.

First, we walk, then we run.

So, if your goal is YouTube Views Hack, take a look at the basics and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes.

Basic internal supervision service on YouTube include points such as:

  • A compatible visual identity (your channel art, YouTube channel icon, etc.)
  • Up-to-date contact information (so all your possible customers and future brand partners can get in touch).

YouTube Views Hack #2: Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe.


You can’t start with the YouTube Views Hack without connecting with your viewers! Obviously, right!?😂

Either by building a rapport with them through your stories or by answering their comments, be creative!

And please never forget to point out the bell near the red subscribe button before ending your videos.

Does this tip seem too easy for you? 😅

This is the reminder that you have important content, and you’re just making it more straightforward for them to keep up.

If you’re already doing this, remember to prove why your channel is worth subscribing to.

And make sure you do it the right way, to engage more with your audience (e.g., right after you’ve presented new and useful information, or you’ve made them laugh).

But please, don’t overdo it, or you’ll risk turning people off.

YouTube Views Hack #3: Find Video Keywords:

Keywords and YouTube Views Hack

Keywords for YouTube are different from keywords that appear on search engines like Bing or Google.

For example, you’ll usually see YouTube keywords that begin with “how to make.”

Brian Dean advises using Google to search for several keywords in your niche.

Then, see if any keywords bring up video results.

For example, if you search for “how to make an orange pie,” you’ll see tons of video results, and at the minimum, one is from YouTube.

Screenshot "Google search"

If you are not sure, try it yourself as I did!

YouTube Views Hack #4: Use High-Quality Descriptions:

high-quality description

The cornerstone for YouTube Views Hack is a high-quality description.

The description is another factor of your video that you should never miss.

Try out to stick yourself in the mindset of someone who is searching on the platform.

They will be entering specific keyword sets if they’re looking for content like yours.

If users can see from your description accurately what they may expect in your video, that will lead to a higher click-through rate.

The key is to be generic, in a sense, but also to stand out.

Yes, it’s challenging! 😉

Your desire is to rank for some short-tail keywords and include some atypical words having to do with your niche.

YouTube Views Hack #5: Use YouTube’s Clickable Tools in Your Videos:

YouTube Views Hack

YouTube stopped annotations a few years ago.

Pop-ups date back to the 1990s; we’re all better off without.

However, YouTube has fewer annoying tools that you can use:

  • End screens: support the unique function of doing a little bit of everything at the end of your video.

It’s a chance to show your content to new users with all the related information about your channel, recommended videos, other playlists, and your verified website.

End screens are an excellent way to promote your content before YouTube’s algorithm moves them to the next video.

  • Branding watermarks: This is an additional subscribe button that will hover over your video all the time, also in full screen. Like so:
screenshot "YouTube"

YouTube Views Hack #6: Release Videos on a Steady Schedule.


Another YouTube Views Hack is to release your videos on a steady schedule.

Many specialists confidently cite a rule-of-thumb as to how many times creators should post videos to their channels.

For example, one or two videos a week to start, increasing to 3-4 weeks as your channel grows.

The plan is that more videos mean more watch time from viewers.

But prioritizing quantity over quality has disadvantages.

Suppose you aim to switch viewers into subscribers. In that case, you need to focus on quality first; then you can start worrying about quantity.

Moreover, you can take it as life advice and get better results! 😉

YouTube Views Hack #7: Always Use AutoPlay.


Autoplay is very important because it will automatically start playing a video when it’s embedded.

It will help if you are more careful when doing this, as auto-played videos may bother some users.

If the video content is descriptive, it is good to use Autoplay so users can directly jump to the next video.

YouTube Views Hack #8: Create Playlists:

YouTube Playlists

Create playlists for the content so that viewers can watch it in succession.

When the first video ends, your other videos will play automatically, which will get more viewings for each video without moving from the player.

You can include playlists or post them in your channel or have users share them to increase each playlist’s total views.

Make each one unique and give it flow and importance with the order you want.

These are great for educative or fun content that tells a story or goes in-depth into how different components make up a whole.

YouTube Views Hack #9: Increase Your Video’s SEO Ranking:


With a good ranking on the SERPs, you can double-down on the traffic your video gets and increase your YouTube views.

Moreover, YouTube is the largest video search engine on the internet, so optimizing your video’s presence benefits your SERP rankings.

It is a correlation!

Please, consider using some techniques to optimize your video elements for SEO!

YouTube Views Hack #10: Use Cards.

YouTube Cards

These YouTube optimization features allow you to promote your other content within your video.

And You can create cards that can be used to:

  • Send traffic to your website.
  • Get more channel subscribers.
  • Encourage users to participate in a poll.
  • Donate to a non-profit.

For increasing your video views, you should use these cards and inspire users to visit your content that is watched lesser and subscribe to your channel.

Utilize your analytics to see how users stop watching your video to implement your cards better before they get bored.

Last but Not Least, here is a Bonus Tip from Biteplay 🤩:

YouTube Advertising

👉🏼 Use YouTube Ads.

Yes, that’s the last YouTube Views Hack tip you should know. Let’s dig deeper.

At first, who you will reach?

Reach the people who are most concerned.

Well, Youtube ads can assist you in communicating with persons who are concerned about what you present.

From athletic fans to fashionistas and everyone in between, people come to YouTube for the content they like.

With Biteplay features, it is easy to obtain a deeper understanding of your valuable customers, placements, keywords, and other YouTube Ads requirements.

But, will YouTube Ads cost you a lot?

Do not worry; you will only pay when someone chooses to view at least 30 seconds or when you click the TrueView statement.

And the best thing when using YouTube Ads is that you can measure the results!

Where you can get real-time insights on how people are responding to your video ads, so you know where to make adjustments.

For now, let conclude with some important words for you.

Remember, Be Patient.

YouTube Views Hack

Getting many views on your channel by using YouTube Views Hack tips takes time.

As you know, the ultimate video purpose is to be seen.

By taking a few steps, you can hit the number of people who watch your video and want to involve with your organization without spending extra money on digital ads.

The platform has its checks and balances to ensure that high-quality video content always reaches its users.

So, try to create an active subscriber base, and they will make up the perfect share of your views.

And the good thing is once you do the entire work upfront on your channel, you can sit back and watch it grow.

Well, I hope to go through these YouTube Views Hacks was helpful, and please ask your Best YouTube Tool for any questions!

What are you waiting for!? 😉

Happy Hunting!

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