YouTube Video Game Ads: The Ultimate Guide

What is In-Game Advertising?

YouTube Video Game Ads

In-game advertising is a monetization plan that game developers do to increase their game’s revenue.

Game developers make money and get paid by displaying mobile game ads to their users.

73 percent of gamers are delighted with the ad-based model of games today.

Developers can combine many different types of mobile game advertising strategies and ad formats into their games to encourage mobile game ad revenue, such as offer wall ads, interstitial ads, and rewarded video ads.

In this article, you will get a good amount of information about YouTube Video Game Ads from Biteplay.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.

Why Should You Make YouTube Video Mobile Game Ads?

YouTube Video Game Ads
  • Generate more mobile game ad income:

Unfortunately, most gamers don’t spend money to play, but mobile game advertising is a great monetization policy developers can use in addition to in-app buying.

Games with excellent ad placements can make $50-$100 eCPMs using mobile game ads.

  • Grow in-app purchases:

In-game ads joined with the usual mobile game strategy can boost in-app purchases by 6x times.

Ad units like rewarded video ads give users a taste of the IAPs you offer and tell them the value of in-game.

Soon, gamers end up paying for IAPs slightly than engaging with the rewarded video.

  • Boost game engagement and recognition:

You can use mobile game ads to encourage users to come back to your game by offering prizes for engaging with ads.

You can use ads as an engagement and retention tool by assisting users with a rewarded ad unit that gives them the specific number of coins, they need to resume playing the game.

With YouTube rated as the second largest search engine behind Google, it provides game developers with a precious opportunity to find their titles and connect through video.

Video game content is also one of the most common sections on the platform.

YouTube analytics expert reports that 15% of all the content on YouTube is related to video games.

Why is YouTube a Powerful Tool for Game Developers and YouTube Video Game Ads?


As we discussed earlier, gaming is one of the popular topics on YouTube.

Reports say that millions of users watch over 246 billion minutes of gaming-related content every month.

Here, gamers satisfy their desire for tutorials and news on upcoming titles.

With the best game marketing strategy, you will have gamers eagerly waiting for you to post new video content.

There are other roads for watching gaming video content, like streaming, while YouTube still stands as one of the most popular and joyful platforms, with 74% of gamers using it to discover how to play a game and gain the freshest tips.

So, imagine the massive community on your website if you manage some game ads on it.

While a solid 49% of Americans routinely play video games, many advertisers miss reaching them.

Moreover, we found that advertisers often ignore valuable gaming audiences, such as females, older adults, and business experts.

So, What Do YouTube Video Game Ads Get Wrong?

YouTube Video Game Ads

When investing in video game ads, sponsors either go too broad around the “gamer” interest and leave their whole campaigns at that.

What advertisers demand to recognize is that gamers hit YouTube to watch more than just gaming videos.

Another problem is that many brands think all gamers are younger males.

Our information shows that women have a higher monthly view rate than men in the second half of the year, which is women performed better results.

Our report also determines that gaming brands rank as the second-lowest view rate out of the 25 industries studied, coming before retail, when it should be the highest, considering how mature the gaming market is.

How to Improve Your YouTube Video Game Ads Plan with Biteplay?

Biteplay can assist you in improving your YouTube Video Ads Game plan with Video Search by finding the related videos to your keyword so you can know all new trends and moreover.

You can know details like video views, likes, dislikes, comments, and publish date.

Moreover, Biteplay can help you with a thing called Topic Tracker:

When anything gets published related to your keyword, you can track every detail about it with this kind of tool.

So, to create your Topic Tracker:

  • Click on the new topic tracker button.
  • Fill in the fields (Name and Description).
  • Press “Continue.”
  • Click on “New Search” and add the keyword you want to track.
  • Press “Continue,” and here, you can choose the cycle you wish to track (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Click “Finish” to end the process.

Note: Don’t forget that Biteplay also offers a feature about Influencers Outreach.

However, with this feature, you can reach the creators related to you and know various details about them, like how many subscribers they have, the total views of their videos, the number of their videos, the engaged fans, where they spread effectively, and more.


Once you click on the creator’s name (the red rectangle in the following picture), you can see everything else.

YouTube Video Game Ads

Moreover, you can invite yourself with them by getting their emails.

Just grab their emails or save the most relevant channels into your lists.

You can make the previous process by clicking on the Get Contact” button, and here is what you get:

Contact Information Biteplay

Now, what about Micro-Influencers?

With micro-influencers, you can discover perfectly matched channels.

Unlike other platforms, you’ll be able to find channels not only by topics or a general database but also through actual videos closely related to your brand.

Check our article about micro-influencers because here where you can know all that you crave about them.

Upgrade Your YouTube Video Game Ads Plan.


Take these points and ideas into consideration, and check out our available data report when setting up and running your YouTube campaigns.

We also recommend 24/7 optimization to reach audiences when YouTube views are at their height.

Many gamers are just getting started when most media teams have gone home and are asleep.

Otherwise, make sure you have a plan to optimize your YouTube campaigns around the clock.

And that’s not all!

Need optimizations for your campaign and want it to become super powerful to your YouTube business plan!

Contact Biteplay now. It will help you learn more about YouTube Ads and target the right audience by promoting your channel correctly.

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