YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021: Get Ready!

YouTube Influencers Marketing

YouTube is cool, but do you know what the coolest ever is? 🤔

Yes, YouTube Influencers Marketing!

We all know that people trust what influencers say and the products they recommend. 

Their audiences are very engaged and accessible!

So why not? 😍

You can kill two birds with one stone using YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021!

Whether you pay influencers to promote your product or to build a community, YouTube Influencers Marketing will help you tackle each piece of your sales funnels.

After all, YouTube influencers marketing has its rules and tips that Biteplay will never hesitate to make it all clear for you!

What Is YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021?

YouTube Influencers Marketing

YouTube Influencers Marketing is a way to promote products and services by working with famous social media users or bloggers. 

Influencers have a broad, engaged audience that brands can use to build reliability and drive sales!

Yes, it’s that simple! 😁

Working with influencers is the number one marketing strategy many brands use. 

There is a simple answer to why YouTube Influencers Marketing works!

YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021 carries these benefits: 

  • Reach more audience.
  • Build trust for your brand.
  • Increase your social following.
  • Increase your site traffic.
  • Get more leads.
  • Drive sales.

When you see famous people you like using the stuff, you are more likely to do the same.

Influencers on social media have a few hundred thousand or over a

Million followers on YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

They built up their audiences; that is why they’re influencers.

Remember that building up a following is very hard and takes time. 

YouTube and Facebook pay these influencers enough money because they have vast organic audiences.

Most Popular YouTube Partnerships:

Using YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021 will skyrocket your business! 

However, to release your YouTube Influencers Marketing campaign, there are many kinds of collaboration possible!

Let’s dive into the most popular YouTube Influencers Marketing partnerships to promote your products, initiatives, and brand.

1)   Unboxing Videos:

YouTube Influencers Marketing

Unboxing videos are a great hit on YouTube!

They show YouTubers disclosing products for the first time and explaining the features.

One-fifth of consumers on Google Search watched unboxing videos on the platform.

Because they show the product without using marketing lingo and buzzwords, they are objective, reliable, and honest.

Using YouTube influencers Marketing on unboxing videos can increase brand engagement and make people take actions like shares, sign-ups, and sales.

2)   How-To Guides and Tutorials:

YouTube Influencers Marketing

I bet you that all of us search for “How-to?” videos already!

These videos are almost timeless; only educational videos can take some time.

Some of the most popular “how-to” educational videos are:

  • Makeup.
  • Health. 
  • Fitness. 
  • Software upgrades.
  • Mobile troubleshooting.

Brands can use “how-to” YouTube Influencers Marketing to provide educational content to their target audiences.

3)   Product Reviews:

YouTube Influencers Marketing

There is no limit to YouTube benefits but the sky! 😍

Today, it’s perfect for people to use YouTube when they want to buy a product. 

They need to know what others think about the item they want!

Positive reviews can change people’s minds and make them buy products.

It depends on the product, but YouTube videos are the ideal tool for many different items. 

Audiences find it easier to decide if they see how a product works.

Honest and straightforward: product reviews are just like that! 

A YouTube influencer tells what they think about products from brands.

The greatest thing about these videos is that they can be about anything!

Anything! They can be about airlines to the latest BMW model!

Most of these YouTube Influencers Marketing partnerships include brands sponsoring the YouTube creator. 

Sponsored YouTube content looks deeper than other channels, giving audiences a chance for more engagement.

4)   Comedy and Sketches:

YouTube Influencers Marketing

Many YouTube influencers build comedy and sketch content to keep their viewers interested. 

Of course, everyone’s sense of humor is different, but there are many content creators you can choose from to match your YouTube Influencers Marketing.

Comedy and sketch videos are some of the most talked-about.

They make their way onto Twitter, Facebook, and even mobile-based channels like WhatsApp. 

Yes, you will need this in your YouTube Influencers Marketing campaign!

How to Find Influencers for Your YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021?

We all know popular YouTubers who started early and have now built up their audience. 

Everything they upload gets tons of action, and their impact goes far beyond YouTube, to conferences, or even Hollywood flicks.

You can use the following tips to connect with a YouTube influencer who’s the right fit for your YouTube Influencers Marketing.

1)   Use Google Search:

Yes, what is better than Google!

You can start with Google to make your YouTube influencers list to put you on the right way. 

If you’re unsure of whom you should contact, this rule will give you a hand!

As you go through the YouTube influencers list, you can imagine better how working with YouTubers may or may not be helpful.

Here are some search lines that can help you:

  • YouTube then (your industry name)
  • (your industry name) influencers to follow
  • List of (your industry name) influencers on YouTube
  • best (industry name) YouTubers to follow
search on google

Most of these sites will give you a good list of influencers for your YouTube Influencers Marketing.

Then you can narrow down your list to make it fit your goals.

Be aware! Don’t give up and stop at the first page! 

Explore 4-6 pages to never miss any good results.

Some YouTubers may not show on the front page, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them for YouTube Influencers Marketing. 

They may be in the beginning stage of their career, making them an ideal fit for a powerful YouTube Influencers Marketing partnership.

2)   Search on YouTube:

YouTube search doesn’t give you the same helpful articles and lists as Google.

With YouTube, it’s better to use unique searches for videos and channels.

As in Google, you can narrow down your search. 

Click the ‘Filter’ option in the top right corner to do so. 

It’s helpful to try filters like:

  • Type: Video’ to browse videos that have crossed a specific threshold for the creator or have gone viral.
  • Type: Channel’ to search by the creator.
  • Sort by: View count’ – go past the popular videos and channels, as high-profile influencers most likely own these. 
search on youtube

Look for videos and channels with views between thousands and tens of thousands.

How to Measure The Success of Your YouTube Influencers Marketing Campaign?

If Your YouTube Influencers Marketing is working, you’ll know.

YouTube Influencers Marketing, if done right, will create new customers and increases your brand awareness.

Do you what’s great about working on YouTube?

Yes, you’ll get the benefit of branding and track direct actions thanks to a custom URL or promo code or the “final click” in the funnel! 😍

While you’re all selling something, not every YouTube Influencers Marketing campaign gets new customers quickly.

To know users who don’t buy immediately, successful YouTube Influencers Marketing campaigns focus on leaving a real impact through influencer aid and then building a reason for users to explore the brand’s website.

Co-branded (influencer + brand) landing pages are helpful as they welcome an influencer’s audience to your site.

This way, they open up the chance of re-targeting these users in the future.

To be able to do this, you should custom edit your category URL. 

Other ways you can use to assess your content’s success beyond conversion:

  • Video drop-off.
  • Click-through rate: 1% CTR is good.
  • Increase in organic search traffic: YouTube improves search compared to TV.
  • Acquisition cost on other platforms.
  • CPM / CPV: Aim to get less than $25 CPM for your YouTube Influencers Marketing campaigns.
  • Engagements: search for influencers who drive likes, shares, and comments.

What Are the Traps You Should Avoid in YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021?


YouTube Influencers Marketing as everything has pitfalls! 😅

One of the most common traps is using an influencer as a celebrity endorser.

Both influencers and celebrities can be powerful for YouTube Influencers Marketing, but they are fundamentally different.

The point of working with influencers is getting access to their relationship with their followers. 

So, choose wisely to maximize your ROI.

Other vital traps include:

  1. Asking influencers to focus on many talking points, which draws them away from the actual issue. 
  2. Requiring too many unique words or phrases from influencers.
  3. Having time limitations on the length of the post.
  4. Focusing on product functions and features more than how the product makes the life of the influencer better.

Biteplay is starting 2021 with innovative and new features for you!!

It’s not just about the information!

You can now find influencers on YouTube to make partnerships, decide what audience to target, and choose the type of content you want to share with them on Biteplay.

Here you can see the Find Influencer feature:

YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021

Then, you can select the content and create inventories to cover all the content with Ads and make your YouTube Influencers Marketing stand out!

Also, you can find creators by searching topic videos inside the ‘video search’ and then get their channels.

YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021

Moreover, you can make advanced searching and select the options you need. 😊

YouTube Influencers Marketing 2021

So, there you have it!

Successful YouTube Influencer Marketing depends on your skill to make your relationships with influencers beneficial and enable the creators you work with to become your brand advocates.

It’s all about choosing the right kind of collaboration that fits your business and then look for the ideal influencer to work with.

Never forget to test and assess your YouTube Influencers Marketing’s success, check for the engagements, click-through rate, and even organic search rate.

Test, test, and keep testing!

There are many bells and whistles you can add, but honesty and human touch are the most important to any YouTube Influencers Marketing campaign at the end of the day.

Happy 2021 with YouTube Influencers Marketing from Biteplay! ❤️

YouTube Influencers Marketing

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