YouTube Hashtags 2020: Get The Best Views Now!

youtube hashtags

Youtube Hashtags! Interesting Right??

“My channel is my baby. Some women have babies; I have a YouTube channel.”

― Katya Zamolodchikova

You created an outstanding video for your YouTube channel, but Oops!! It is not getting enough views.

Guess what the reason behind that is! 🧐

Yes, you are not using any trending YouTube Hashtags.

YouTube Hashtags are a vital element in increasing your YouTube videos’ reach.

Youtube Hashtags

Using the wrong YouTube Hashtags can limit your reach, whereas proper ones can skyrocket your video views.

But how to do it?

What are the best ways to use YouTube Hashtags?

Today, we’ll help you know the best practices and learn how to use YouTube Hashtags, so your videos get incredible views.

What Are YouTube Hashtags?

YouTube Hashtags are words and phrases that are led by the (hash #) symbol.

Easy, right?? But don’t rush!

These Hashtags are clickable, and you can use them to tag videos to a particular subject or topic and make viewers find them easily.

YouTube Hashtags work as great filter words and help do your search for any topic more accessible.


Many YouTubers use popular YouTube Hashtags regularly, as a part of their campaigns or make their videos known to new viewers.

Why Should You Use YouTube Hashtags?

1)   To Rank Higher in Search Results:

Targeted YouTube Hashtags help you rank for your targeted keyword and appear as a relevant video in the sidebar space of YouTube.

When a viewer watches a video with a similar tag as your video, you are attached to the sidebar.

2)   YouTube Hashtags Are Universal:

Anyone on YouTube can click it, see it, and explore it.

How amazing!

Hashtags are not ownable.

Anyone using this platform can use that Hashtag with no limitations.

3)   Enhances Searchability:

Optimized Hashtags give you more visibility on YouTube for all your related video posts.

rank higher

Hashtags will classify keywords and related topics, making it easier for a viewer to find your video.

Hashtags give a viewer the result that meets their needs with less effort and time.

They don’t have to look through pages of unrelated topics or videos.

Now, we come to the next question!

How to Find Hashtags That Fit Your Content?

Do Careful Keyword Research:

Finding the best Hashtags for YouTube videos depends on the right keywords.

It Is About Brainstorming!

Define what your video is all about, then try to find at least five proper keywords to use as tags.

keywords research

After finding a few keywords, try to develop your search and look for more general ones related to your video.

Use Possible Hashtag Tools:

Many tools can make relevant Hashtags to use, depending on your niche.

A lot of options are attacking you!!

Don’t worry, Hashtag tools are handy and will help you choose the right keywords!

Understand Your Audience:

Your Hashtags should focus on a unique niche.

Many viewers are willing to follow what they love best.

Please, do not post unrelated topics or videos that do not link to your niche.

We don’t want them to end up being ignored!!

Determine what your audience is looking for and try your best to meet their needs and desires.


If it is marketing, then focus on Hashtags that are specific for marketing.

This way, you will attract more views and subscribers to your YouTube videos.

Learn From YouTube Influencers:

Do not undervalue the power of influencers.

They know how you can find the best Hashtags and optimize them to get higher ranking and viewers.

It has always been about learning from others.

Approach successful influencers in your niche and learn from them how to use YouTube Hashtags.


Focus on their trends in terms of what Hashtags they post and what success they gain from their effort.

Don’t take it further! You’re not a thief, Just a smart person! 😉

Research on The Competitors in Your Niche:

It is ok to work as a spy beside working as a YouTuber!!

Identify the type of Hashtags your competitors use.

This way, you get an idea of what your audience is expecting from you in your niche.

No, don’t copy and paste them exactly!!

Just try to find out what they are missing and use their weak points.

Let’s dig deeper!

What Are The Types of YouTube Hashtags??

There are four different types of YouTube Hashtags:

  • Title Hashtags.
  • Description Hashtags.
  • Branded Hashtags.
  • Location Hashtags.

Each of them works for a purpose.

You can apply one of these or all of them in your videos.

By now, we can see how to use each one of them.

How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos??

Adding Hashtags to your YouTube videos isn’t that hard!!


Using a different kit of hashtags, you can make your videos stand out from your competition.

The best way is to blend, balance, and sprinkle them in specific locations.

Doing this improves the rankings and reachability of your videos.

Once you add Hashtags, they look in blue and can be clicked by your visitors for further examination.

But be aware!!

Overusing YouTube Hashtags can redirect users from your videos to somewhere else.

So, it’s always better to follow some practices when using them.

1)   Adding YouTube Hashtags to Your YouTube Title:

You can start by choosing a relevant topic as your YouTube Hashtag.

youtube titles

Pick a topic that covers the subject you’re talking about in your video.

Oops, we’ve overused this advice; we know you won’t make this mistake. 😂

It would help if you kept a maximum number of two and not overused the Hashtag.

2)   Adding Hashtags to YouTube Description:

Description Hashtags appear in the bottom section of your YouTube video.

To add Hashtags in your YouTube description effectively, select the ones with the highest reach.


Note that the first three Hashtags you’ll use will be presented above your YouTube title.

So, make sure you pick some of the very relevant ones to add in your description.

But if your title contains a Hashtag, then the description Hashtags won’t appear above the title.

3)   Adding Branded Hashtags on YouTube:

YouTubers build Branded Hashtags that are custom Hashtags for subscribers.

This way, they drive more brand awareness for the channel and optimize your YouTube marketing.

These types of YouTube Hashtags are useful if you’re running a campaign or live video stream for your visitors.


To make your branded Hashtag, think of a good tagline or slogan with the video’s topic.

4)   Adding Location Hashtag to Your YouTube Video:

You can only use location Hashtags on YouTube if you’re uploading a video from a smartphone.

When uploading your video:

  • Click the location tab in your YouTube uploader.
  • Examine the area you need to highlight.
  • Choose the ideal location.

And here is your location Hashtag!!

Location Hashtags also cover the description Hashtags, so they won’t appear when you add a location to your title.

Now, How To Use YouTube Tags And Hashtags Effectively?

By adequately utilizing tags and Hashtags in your YouTube channels, your videos can appear to new subscribers and develop your audience engagement.


Then, how to use YouTube Hashtags the right way?

1)   Know What Is a Good YouTube Hashtag for Likes:

A right YouTube Hashtag is accurate but catchy.

Additionally, they must be most suitable for searching.

2)   You Must Consider Covering These Tips And Rules:

  • YouTube will ignore all of your Hashtags if they are more than 15, so don’t get very excited and overdo them!!
  • If you create the YouTube Hashtags for harassing, humiliating, or threatening, you violate the YouTube policy, and they will remove your video.
  • If you use offensive terms in your YouTube Hashtags, your video will be put an underage restriction or will be deleted.
  • When using YouTube Hashtags that do not directly relate to your video, YouTube will mark it as spam and delete it.
  • When using, you don’t need spaces between words; if you want to use two ones in YouTube Hashtags, just join them.

3)   Use Trending Subjects as YouTube Hashtags for Videos:

Examine YouTube’s trending section to know modern trends before using trending Hashtags.

Then, create your video with the most exciting trends and add related Hashtags for better visibility.

If the current trends are not related to your channel’s theme, seek trending videos on related topics.

4)   Classify Your Content:

YouTube Hashtags are best used to categorize your content.

classify youtube hashtags

For example, you can classify your content based on popular or highly searched terms in your niche.

Although YouTube Hashtags gained popularity and you could be using them to get your new video content found, never forget to Hashtag your older video content.

Make your previous work “old but gold”!

Why bury it? It can still be found and used!!

Oh! By the way, Biteplay will help you a lot in suggesting some tags for your videos with the tag generator feature!


Commonly Asked Questions About YouTube Hashtags:


Do You Really Need Hashtags on YouTube?

Let’s say that it’s not mandatory to include YouTube Hashtags in your video!

But remember, adding Hashtags in your videos can increase your channel’s discoverability and boost your videos’ reach.

They are a useful brand awareness tool!!

So why not?

How Many YouTube Hashtags Can You Use?

There is no limit to how many YouTube Hashtags you can use unless they are not over 15.

However, the best count is 3-5 Hashtags per video.

Overusing YouTube Hashtags in videos can make YouTube block your videos.

Ok, we don’t want this to happen!!

So, make sure not to overdo them.

Will the YouTube Hashtags Affect My SEO and YouTube Rankings?

Yes, using YouTube Hashtags will affect your SEO and YouTube rankings.

But Positively!


The purpose of using YouTube Hashtags is for Searchability.

So, when it is easier for people to find your video, you get more views, comments, likes, subscribers, and shares, which will boost your YouTube rankings and SEO.

YouTube Hashtags make it simpler for users to get more quality information and content that suits their chosen topic.

It would help if you let the experts manage your YouTube traffic generation.

Moreover, doing this will save you time and money!!

There are many YouTube tools and plugins on the market to help you get more views via YouTube SEO.

youtube hashtag tools

Some YouTube traffic generation services will do a lot of things for you like:

  • Analyzing your videos.
  • Checking your ranking factors and keyword rankings.
  • Providing you with a YouTube SEO action plan, a tag generator, professional thumbnails, and even more.
  • Helping you find the best possible YouTube Hashtags.

I Want to Create My Own YouTube Hashtag, But How?

There are times when you may want to create your Hashtag.

You might want one to complement an event so attendees can follow social posts.

Or, you might have an unusual marketing campaign that needs its Hashtag.

create hashtags

Can’t find the right YouTube Hashtag for your content?

Go ahead, Create YouTube Hashtags by yourself!

We are here to give a hand!

Here you are 3 Elements of the Perfect YouTube Hashtag:

A Right Hashtag Is:

  • Remarkable.
  • Unique.
  • Related to the content you’re sharing.

So Yes, Hit a balance:

Make it different but easy to remember.

Additionally, don’t make YouTube Hashtags so broad and hard to track.

Summary: Dos and Don’ts!

do's and don'ts

Let’s review what we have learned about YouTube Hashtags:

  • YouTube Hashtags are an easy step to make your video content discoverable.
  • Adding a Hashtag in the title, above it, or in the description helps your videos appear in the related content section.
  • YouTube Hashtags can help you categorize the content.
  • Branded Hashtags are a great way to make your video campaigns stand out.
  • Use YouTube Hashtag generator tools to find the best performers.
  • Trending YouTube Hashtags can drive more people to your videos.
  • Use only related Hashtags, because unrelated ones may lead to the removal of your videos.
  • No for over tagging your videos.
  • Repeated sentences and common descriptions in YouTube Hashtags are banned too.
  • Use high volume keywords in YouTube Hashtags to expand your video content.
  • Never Use The @ Symbol In Hashtags.
  • Make Sure YouTube Hashtags act the way you want them to do.

Final Thoughts:

And that’s How To Use YouTube Hashtags To Increase Your Visibility!!

final thoughts

You decide if YouTube Hashtags improve your business or break it.

It’s vital to understand when, where, and how to use them.

Now you have many useful tips in your hand to start in the right direction!

 It’s time to skyrocket your YouTube video reach.

Moreover, use all the essential skills to drive your YouTube videos for higher reach and more subscribers.

If you still have any problems, we are always here to give you a hand; btw, you can try Biteplay as well, since it is one of the best YouTube tools ever to fly with your channel!

Remember, it is never too late; good things need time to happen! 👌

youtube end

Now, YouTube Hashtags became easy, right? So, What Are You Waiting For!

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