YouTube Discovery Ads 2021: The Best Overview!

youtube discovery ads

YouTube Discovery Ads 2021 is very important for you, isn’t it? 😉

Have you ever searched for a video on YouTube?

Sure, you did! 😂

When you search on YouTube, you may see some videos with a yellow ad tag that appears with the rest of the search results. 

These ads are YouTube Discovery Ads; they’re an excellent way to get brand awareness, engagement through channels, and your products in front of the right people, especially if you have clear goals.

The features of YouTube Discovery Ads make it a strong Ad type to try immediately!

Moreover, we promise that you will make YouTube Discovery Ads one of your favorite strategies!

As always, Biteplay is the magic stick that gives you whatever you want!

Come on, let’s navigate through YouTube Discovery Ads 2021 and answer all the questions blowing in your mind!

What Are YouTube Discovery Ads?

YouTube Discovery Ads

YouTube Discovery Ads are YouTube ads that appear as a thumbnail, title, description, and other YouTube videos. 

YouTube Discovery Ads appear in many places like the top of the YouTube search results page, the YouTube mobile app’s home page, or the suggested videos section on a YouTube video’s watch page.

They act like the regular videos they’re set with, similar to how search ads work in Google’s organic search results. 

The ad links to a YouTube video; when the users click, they go to a video watch page as if they’re clicking on an organic video result.

The most significant difference in appearance between YouTube Discovery Ads and organic results is the small ad tag with each paid result.

Don’t worry; things will get more apparent after reading the whole blog!

YouTube in-Stream VS YouTube Discovery Ads:

YouTube in-Stream VS YouTube Discovery Ads

Here we got two different types of YouTube ads!


Like its name, YouTube in-stream ads play in the stream of a video. 

Some play before a video starts or even during a video. 

As a viewer, you only have to watch five seconds of the in-stream ad before you can skip the video if you are not interested. 

However, YouTube Discovery Ads will never interrupt you while watching a video!

They appear as a search result or a suggestion that requires your click to see the actual video.

That what makes them much more fabulous!

Both types let viewers decide to continue watching the video, so who clicks and watches the video for many seconds is likely involved in what you’re selling and has a greater chance of converting. 

Why Use YouTube Discovery Ads 2021? 

Why Use YouTube Discovery Ads 2021

YouTube Discovery Ads are a great way to reach people who like to associate with your business. 

With YouTube Discovery Ads, you’re not promoting your ad in front of people while they’re in the middle of a video. 

People choose to come to you!

YouTube reports increase favorability, consideration, and purchase intention with YouTube Discovery Ads, making these ads an excellent choice to boost your business.

How to Set Up YouTube Discovery Ads:

How to Set Up YouTube Discovery Ads?

1) Set Up Your YouTube Discovery Ads Campaign:

Set Up Ads

As a first step to manage your YouTube Discovery Ads campaigns, sign up for a Google Ads account and link it to your YouTube Channel.

No YouTube Discovery Ads with No YouTube channel, right?!

After logging in to Google Ads, click Campaigns in the left sidebar and click the + button. 

Then choose new campaign from the pop-up menu.

Now, it’s time to choose a goal for your YouTube Discovery Ads campaign. 

For this type of campaigns, you can choose from the following marketing goals:

  • Sales
Sales Category

Most marketers think that YouTube Discovery Ads focus only on branding, so choosing sales as a goal won’t fit.

They can’t be more wrong; never hesitate to optimize your campaigns for sales.

  • Website Traffic:
website traffic

 Get targeted customers to visit your website.

  • No goal:
no goal

You don’t want a clear plan to guide your campaign? 

Then this option is yours, but be sure about what you want to accomplish.

After choosing your YouTube Discover Ads campaign goal, let’s select the campaign type. 

For YouTube Discovery Ads, select the Discovery campaign type and click Continue to go to the next step.

2) Choose Geographic Targeting and Bidding Type:


We start by naming the campaign and choosing the geographic locations to target the campaign details screen.

If you don’t know what locations to target, log in to your Google Analytics account, and find the highest conversion rate areas.

Also, never forget about the languages of your customers. 

The default setting is Spanish if your language settings are also in Spanish.

You’ll see an assessment of your targeting’s reach in the right sidebar in the exam.

Remember that you won’t see any ad rotation options and frequency capping for YouTube Discovery Ads campaigns.

Depending on your goal, decide how to bid!


Because you need to target an audience with higher purchases, it is best to focus on conversions.

It’s also essential to enter your target CPA; it’s an automated smart bidding strategy that works to get you the highest conversions at your target average CPA.

If you want branding-oriented goals, you should pick other bidding strategies like Maximum CPV and Target CPM

3) Determine a Daily Budget And Select Your Audience:

The next step is to define the daily budget you want to spend on your YouTube Discovery Ads campaign. 

If you’re running YouTube Discovery Ads for the first time, you need enough data to find the right budget. 

It will help if you try generating some sales to test with twice your Google Ads CPA.

Are you missing a critical point?

Yes, never forget to determine the start and end dates for your YouTube Discovery Ads Campaign!

If your audience is online only at particular times of the day, you can run your YouTube Discovery Ads during those hours by setting an ad schedule.

Now we are at the defining audience stage!

discovery ads audience stage

You have many choices to choose from, great, huh?

  • Affinity Audiences: 

These are audiences based on interests like “health and fitness” to measure your campaign’s reach. 

  • Remarketing

Do you want to target people who have engaged with your YouTube videos before?

Then build your video remarketing list!

You can remarket to people who have visited your website or choose from the actions that YouTube users performed.

  • In-market

These audiences are actively examining or comparing products. 

They may be going through a life event, like graduating or getting married. 

  • Demographics

You can choose from different demographic factors, like age, parental status, household income, and gender. 

4) Create and Optimize Your YouTube Discovery Ads:

optimize discovery ads

You defined your audiences and set up your YouTube campaign; go ahead, it’s time to create your ad!

Click on the + button and pick Discovery Ad. 

Then click the Create Campaign button.

To build your YouTube Discovery Ads, here are the assets you need to provide:

build the ads

Final URL:

Please enter the landing page location where your prospects will go after clicking on your ad. 

Based on your YouTube Discovery Ads campaign, you can take people to a video on your YouTube channel to your website.

Images and Logos:

You must adhere some conditions to here.

Don’t worry easy ones!

1) You can upload 15 high-quality images for one creative. 

2) YouTube prefers to use an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 for landscape images with a resolution of 1200 x 628. 

3) You can use a square image with a resolution of 1200 x 1200.

4) The minimum resolution for landscape images is 600 x 314.

5) The minimum resolution for square photos is 300 x 300. 

 6) The image files should not pass 5MB in size.

7) Supported image formats are only PNG, JPG, and static GIF.

8) For your logo, use square images at a resolution of 1200 x 1200; you can go as low as 128 x 128. 

9) Any standard non-GIF format can work for the logo, and the maximum image size permitted is 1MB.

10) Note that low cropping and improper image orientation will make your YouTube Discovery Ads disapproved. 

11) Also, never try to mimic hyperlinks or clickable elements in your visuals because YouTube Discovery Ads will be denied.

12) Remember; avoid using CTA buttons in your visuals. 

Business Name:

Insert the name of the business you’re running YouTube Discovery Ads for. 

Don’t get very excited; the name should not pass 25 characters.

Headline Copy:

Don’t underestimate the power of good titles!

Write an attention-grabbing title with 40 characters or less. 

If you beat this length, the headline may be cut on some devices.

Good news! You can write five headlines for one creative.

So why not! Please make the most of them. 

However, never use clickbait titles like “You won’t believe this,” as it’s the best way to get your YouTube Discovery Ads rejected.

Two Lines of Description:

You can use two lines of copy up to 90 characters to describe your video. 

Good news again, you can write five descriptions for each creative. 

It’s your chance to give more meaning to users who read the headline to make them take action.

CTA Text:

Pick the proper CTA text from the drop-down menu.

YouTube Video to Promote:

Ensure you upload your video to YouTube and set the privacy to public visibility. 

If you don’t want your YouTube Discovery Ads to be available on your channel, you can keep it unlisted but still use the video URL in the ad. 

The video’s suggested resolution is 640 x 360 with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 480 x 360 with a 4:3 aspect ratio. 

Ensure that the text won’t be truncated and your images look good.

Make sure your YouTube Discovery Ads images, headlines, and descriptions work together to drive the viewer towards your campaign goal.

Once your YouTube Discovery Ads are ready, click on Create Campaign and let your YouTube Discovery Ads stand out!

Then set and wait for conversions. 

What Biteplay Can Do for You?

We said that Biteplay is your magic stick!

Biteplay will provide you with a fantastic feature!

You can search for the exact videos that your audience is watching to make some ads.

Biteplay discovery ads

Yes, YouTube Discovery Ads with related content are great for your business, and Biteplay will give you this chance.

Everything you need to do is search for similar videos, and Biteplay will handle everything for you.

How simple!

As Biteplay always does, extra tips are an essential part of each blog, so you get the best benefit!

Here are 3 useful tips you should always take into consideration while using YouTube Discovery Ads 2021:

1) Take Advantage of YouTube Targeting Options:

advantages of youtube discovery ads 2021

Just like advertising on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you need to pay attention to the audience that is consuming your messages.

With the millions of YouTube video viewers, why waste money on irrelevant eyes who are unlikely to be interested in your offers?

YouTube gives excellent flexibility to take control over who sees your ads. 

So, get the benefit of this feature and target the right audience, so you never waste time, money, and effort!

2) Create Compelling, Human Content That Feels Native:

content is king

With tons of video content on the internet and the option to skip over most YouTube Ads, it’s crucial to focus on producing high-quality video content. 

Quality over quantity, as always said!

You can make your YouTube Discovery Ads content a compelling story that enters your audience’s heart or a prank that makes your audiences laugh to tear!

Including people and making an experience that feels natural and native is what you should aim for.

3) Drive Action by Adding Interactive Factors to Your YouTube Discovery Ads:

call to action

Do you know that you can link up your shopping cart with YouTube Discovery Ads? 

Not just that!

You can also add calls-to-action, auto-end screens, and cards to showcase products encouraging the viewer to download your app.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you have some goals in your mind that led you to advertise, so yes, capitalize on these features to drive action!

Having great YouTube Discovery Ads 2021 is one thing, but getting solid results and new business from those ads is another, so examine these helpful features to reach your video ad goals faster.

All of us like to watch videos without interruptions!

So come on, be one of those who don’t interrupt us by using YouTube Discovery Ads!

It’s a great strategy you should start using now to target the right audience, increase your brand awareness, engage through channels, and build a successful YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Start by setting clear goals and know what you really want from YouTube Discovery Ads, find your possible audience, set your budget and dates, do all the other essential stuff, and make your YouTube Discovery Ads travel all over the world!

Don’t rush; you need to be patient; giving up when things don’t go the way you want is not a solution.

Whenever there are results that don’t satisfy you, try to know where the problem is and fix it!

Good things take time to happen, so give all of your efforts, be patient, solve problems when they face you, and always measure and assess your performance!

Happy YouTube Discovery Ads 2021 from Biteplay! ❤️

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