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Have you ever wondered about YouTube Competitors? 🤔

Don’t worry, since Biteplay is here and will take you on a trip to discover more about YouTube Competitors.

But before talking about YouTube Competitors, we have to talk about video sharing!

A few years ago, sharing a video was a hard job. However, these days, sharing videos is child’s play.

Regardless of whether you want to share videos with your friends or share them with the large and varied video sites that provide you with options.

Indeed, the best site to help you share videos in 2021 is YouTube.

With the YouTube video platform, you can share videos publicly as well as privately.

The platform is pretty easy to use, and thus, even a beginner can share videos easily without facing any issues.

But, in That Huge Digital World, Are There Real YouTube Competitors? 🤔

To answer this question, let’s see what YouTube is through stats. 😉

YouTube is certainly the internet’s most dominant platform for streaming free videos online.

It’s the most popular free online video platform and the world’s second most visited site, launched in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley.

Initially, it was intended as a dating site, but it soon expanded to general video content.

Google saw its enormous potential and, in 2006, bought it for 1.65 billion dollars.

At that time, the company had 65 employees and did not generate income.

Today, it employs 5,000 people, and its primary source of income is the monetization of advertising.

YouTube has 2 billion registered users, where 81% are 15-25 years old.

And the most massive traffic comes from the United States (15%), followed by India (8%) and Japan (4.6%). Still, there is a total of 91 countries and 80 different languages.

On average, 500 hours of video are uploaded per minute worldwide, and 70% of views are made from mobile devices.

With the addition of a large amount of content each day, its vast user base continues to grow actively.

However, Most of this information is known, but there is a big point when you talk about YouTube Competitors.

Now, let’s take a closer look at YouTube Competitors and whether they are really competitors.

Vimeo: YouTube Competitors #1

YouTube Competitors #1

Vimeo is an online platform that enables users to download, upload, view, and share various kinds of videos.

It was founded in 2004 and headquartered in New York, USA.

Further, it is backing a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and German.

And It has large membership because it allows high definition video streaming, which speaks volumes of its quality and efficiency.

Vimeo also provides users with several packages that members can subscribe to, ordering from basic to premium.

Besides, it makes it easy for interested people to subscribe to a particular one that suits their needs and budget.

Is Vimeo one of YouTube Competitors?

Yes, Vimeo is one of YouTube Competitors, which most bloggers use to gain popularity.

But do you know why?

Because when you talk about YouTube Competitors such as Vimeo or others, you are first talking about YouTube itself. 😉

Twitch: YouTube Competitors #2

YouTube Competitors #2

Twitch is an online space that promotes the live streaming of videos.

Moreover, it is a subsidiary of Amazon, launched in 2011 to provide millions of people eager to make the video broadcast.

Its traffic has continued to rise over the years. Until 2014, Twitch was ranked the 4th most visited video streaming website by many users.

Twitch’s continued addition has enabled the platform to become one of the best platforms, creating a firm name as one of the YouTube Competitors.

And the user experience on this platform is also considered an all-time satisfactory making it one of the brands to beat.

But this does not apply to YouTube. Isn’t it right!? 😉

Dailymotion: YouTube Competitors #3

YouTube Competitors #3

Dailymotion is based on the French language and is an online video sharing platform.

It was founded in Paris in 2005 but has drawn members from various countries around the world.

Many people use it as a platform for sharing original videos that are exciting and educational that cannot find their way to the mainstream.

Dailymotion platform enables users to view, download, upload, and share various types of video content.

Additionally, it allows users, producers, artists, directors, premium partners, and independent creators to offer mixed content.

One of the crucial aspects that make Dailymotion stand out as one of the YouTube Competitors is its worldwide availability, and it also supports 18 languages.

And for sure, you haven’t forgotten that YouTube has 80 different languages! 🙂

Metacafe: YouTube Competitors #4

YouTube Competitors #4

Metacafe is a United States-based online video sharing platform that was originated in 2003.

It specializes in providing relatively short videos that are categorically short from Movies, sports, Video Games, Music, and TV Shows.

Though, it has ceased to exist as an independent entity since Digital Collective Services acquired it in 2012.

Metacafe used to have higher than new 13 million visitors each month. And in its better years, Metacafe had 40 million novel monthly users.

Still, it is popular among those interested in films, sports, music, television, etc., despite its slightly outdated design.

This platform supported English as the only language giving, which limits its usage to a segmented section in the world market.

With all of this, yes, Metacafe can be assort as one of the YouTube Competitors, according to many.

Flickr: YouTube Competitors #5


Flickr is another online website that is used for image and video hosting.

It was begun in 2004 but only worked for one year before Yahoo obtained it.

It enables the user to embed personal photos and share them, improving significant interaction amongst the online community.

Statistics confirm that over 4 million photos are updated daily on this specific platform.

It supports more than ten languages, therefore making an ideal platform for different users.

Flickr is indeed one of the YouTube Competitors Biteplay should mention to you.

Because it helps bloggers and individuals share and integrate the photos they have or need to use.

Photobucket: YouTube Competitors #6


Photobucket is a US-based online portal used to provide a wide range of online services, including image hosting and video hosting, to the online community.

It began in 2003 with its headquarters in Denver.

This online gate currently hosts over 10 billion images, Often uploaded by the members, estimated at 200 million photos.

It is an inspiring platform because it is used both for personal purposes and business, making it popular among various people.

Therefore this platform’s membership is a clear sign of its colossal strength, thus showing its power as one of YouTube Competitors.

Vube: YouTube Competitors #7


Vube is a digital platform that grants users to upload and share a wide variety of video content.

Many videos have been shared through this platform. The content of these videos is varied from music, sports, and events, among other things.

One exciting element about Vube is that it rewarded users if their videos became popular.

And this what makes it one of the YouTube Competitors.

It has a bookstore with more than 1 million videos from different sources, including the world’s most important television networks and content generated by the platform users.

Vube contains HD material, and subscribers can either watch it online or download the mobile app’s content to have it available offline.

Vevo: YouTube Competitors #8


Vevo was launched in 2009, giving us a chance to view music videos for free.

From creating your playlist to your most liked videos just by creating an account to liking the videos, Vevo is one of the most fantastic music online video websites.

The Vevo curators bring to you top videos, new releases, featured playlists, and music from all genres to offer you a massive range of musical experience.

On the Vevo website, it is allowed to publish videos only by agreement with the musicians, that is, no pirated content like YouTube.

So Vevo can be considered one of the YouTube Competitors just in the music field.

And in the music field, YouTube is still the best. 😉

To know more about music on YouTube, please read our guide, “How To Promote Music on YouTube: Secret Ways!”.

IGTV: YouTube Competitors #9


IGTV is a video service launched in 2018 by Instagram, the image-based social network belonging to Facebook.

Users can post long-term videos that both their followers and the general public can access.

Further, Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 in the United States.

IGTV is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and accordingly, it is one of the YouTube Competitors.

Facebook bought it in 2012 for $ 1 billion, and today it has 1 billion monthly active users who post over 100 million photos and videos per day.

In 2019, it generated revenues of $ 20 billion globally through its primary income source, advertising, which can be involved in any of its formats: videos, photos, stories, dynamic carousel, or IGTV.

IGTV is a long and vertical format video channel, which can be accessed both from Instagram and from a standalone app.

Its content is designed to last longer than the IG Stories, and regular users make 10 minutes or more videos.

TikTok: YouTube Competitors #10


Yes, TikTok is another one of the YouTube competitors.

TikTok is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows users to upload music videos or recreate various situations from movies and TV shows in short formats of up to 1 minute in length.

The platform was created in 2016 by the Chinese start-up ByteDance, and in its country of origin, it is known as Duoyin.

Worldwide, it exceeds 500 million users, and in 2018, ByteDance generated revenues of $ 8.4 billion, where the majority was developed in China.

But wait, YouTube has 2 Billion registers! There is No way to compare!

Finally, when it comes to online video platforms, Youtube is the king.

YouTube Competitors

But is there a good chance Youtube will be knocked off the throne anytime soon by the YouTube competitors 2021?

The fact is Google, the largest IT corporation, manages YouTube. Therefore, YouTube has almost limitless possibilities.

Accordingly, YouTube can use Google’s entire infrastructure, and other players in the video market are deprived of this opportunity.

If you are still reading, do not forget about Biteplay’s advice:

Before choosing a platform for your content, think about your viewers, the type of your content, and how you intend to monetize your creativity.

After doing this, you will definitely choose YouTube, not any one of YouTube competitors 2021. 😉

Now, Biteplay will leave the space for you to decide if  YouTube Competitors are really there or not.

Please, contact Biteplay for any questions!


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