YouTube Business Plan 2021: 9 Helpful Steps!

YouTube Business Plan 2021

Do you have a YouTube Business Plan yet or not?

If not, you need to have a YouTube Business Plan immediately to guide your journey and turn your channel into a real business!🔥

Let’s agree that whatever you do, having a clear plan can help you achieve your goals.

And this applies to your YouTube channel; having a clear YouTube Business Plan can help you find guidance anytime you feel lost!

But for that to work, your YouTube Business Plan should cover every aspect of your channel.

Biteplay will help you defeat most obstacles you’ll find, and you’ll become unstoppable while growing your YouTube Business Plan!

What to Include in Your YouTube Channel Business Plan:

YouTube Business Plan Step#1: Write Down the Ultimate Objective of Your YouTube Channel:


When you know why you’re doing your YouTube business you’ll keep going when things don’t go the right way! 

Set down and write your goals and what you want to achieve clearly!

It would help if you had a strong reason to keep pushing through tough times and the tons of videos you’ll have to record.

Although there may be many better ways to make money than YouTube, YouTube can be great for you if you have a clear YouTube Business Plan.

For Example:

  • Do you like helping people solve problems?
  • Or Do you like connecting with other real people through videos?
  • Do you want to leave a good impact on the world?

As long as you have goals, passion, and the right YouTube Business Plan, you’ll succeed!

YouTube Business Plan Step #2: Define Your Target Audience:

YouTube Business Plan 2021

Doing this wrong will destroy anything, but doing it right will give your business an incredible push!😍💪🏻

Start by thinking about different subjects that will attract people, and write them down.

You can use these questions to help you choose the perfect idea for your YouTube Business Plan:

  • Will it Be a Single-Person YouTube Channel?

Having a YouTube channel is like having a job! 😅

You need a clear YouTube Business Plan and to show up regularly!

And no! It’s not like having a blog where things are more passive because an article will attract people for many years!

Although videos on YouTube do that too, they regularly start attracting fewer people if you’re not active.

That’s because of the way the YouTube algorithm works!

So when it’s about defining your target audience and your videos’ subject, you should choose something you enjoy doing.

Never rush and think about it! 😅

You’ll need to shoot hundreds of videos, can you talk every day for years about the same subject!

Having a good YouTube Business Plan needs your answer on this question!

  • Will it Be a Team YouTube Channel?

If yes, you need to hire a team to do the videos with you and then go for videos that get tons of views.

Many popular subjects like makeup, business, health, fitness, or entertainment are an excellent choice for a YouTube Business Plan.

The wider your audience, the bigger your budget, and the better your YouTube Business Plan, the more people you can attract with video power.

  • Create a Buyer Persona:

When setting your target audience, you should be specific about who you’re targeting.

It would help if you defined their age, where they’re from, their pains, hopes, and desires as clearly as possible for the best YouTube Business Plan.

Your Persona is a semi-fictional style that will represent your audience.

It’s like describing a character in a novel and even giving her/him a name and a face which will help you remember your ideal audience:

Remember this person each time you’re preparing your next video and make the videos especially for them.

This way, you can connect with people watching your videos more easily!😍

How great is the power of a YouTube Business Plan??

Biteplay can help you target the right audience and promote your channel correctly!

All you need to do is to create a new inventory:

YouTube Business Plan

Then you search by keyword: 


Which will help you find your targeted audience, for example: 


YouTube Business Plan Step #3:  Plan the Products and Services You’re Going to Provide:


This can’t be easier!😍

After you write your target audience’s ideas, choose 3 ideas and research the best products and services for that audience.

What types of products are the best for those audiences?

Are they physical or digital? 

  • Study Where Your Competitors are Sending Their Viewers to Find the Sales Funnels They’re Using:

Is there a strong point in your target audience that allows you to create a product or a service to sell?

  • How are Your Competitors Talking to Their Audience to Influence the Purchase?
  • Study Their Prices to Discover How Valuable Every Niche May Be.

You’ll need these prices in your YouTube Business Plan to define:

  • Profit aims.
  • Potential profit margins.
  • Return if 0.5% of people watching your videos buy one of the products.
  • How many views you need to catch your profit goals.
  • How to boost awareness about your products and services.
  • Define Other Monetization Ways:

With selling your products, what other income ways are you going to use?

Here are some of the popular ones for YouTube: 

  • Sponsor videos: You get paid by big brands to name or show their products in your videos.
  • Crowdfunding: opening an account on Patreon will help you get personal support from your most loyal viewers.
  • Ad revenue: money YouTube pays you for every 1,000 views.

Let me tell you that it’s essential not to depend on a single one of these.

The best strategy is to have your products where the profit margins are the highest and use the different ways mentioned above to expand.

YouTube Business Plan Step#4: Choose the Format That Connects You better With Your Target Audience:


Do you remember the buyer Persona you set earlier?

I think so!!😃

Here’s where you’ll use your Persona to set the best type of video to connect with them.

You have to make videos that give value to your target audience if you want to grab attention.

For Example:

If they’re Gen Z, use content that makes them laugh!

If they’re Millenials, news and human interest content will grab their attention.

Don’t use a format made for a specific audience with others, or you’ll never be able to deliver value to your audience, and you won’t have a successful YouTube Business Plan!

YouTube Business Plan Step #5: Equipment Budgeting:

YouTube Business Plan

Surprise!! 😃

You don’t always need a professional team to create videos that people watch on YouTube.

One of YouTube Beauties is that ordinary people can grow a vast audience, even when they record using a simple smartphone!

So, carefully decide if you want to spend a lot of your budget on video production.

Remember that you don’t only need a camera for the best YouTube Business Plan; there is also other equipment you’ll need: 

  • Lighting.
  • Audio.
  • Teleprompter.
  • Tripods.
  • Backdrops.
  • Editing software.
  • Thumbnail creation software.
  • A computer for editing.

Your YouTube Business Plan should also include the budget for hiring a team if that’s your way.

YouTube Business Plan Step #6:  Choose Your Filming Locations:


Oh yes! It’s time to pick a place where you and your team will film your videos!

  • Setting Up a Studio:

It’s better to have a studio at your home or office.

Set your camera, lighting, and background to look appealing and uniform in each video you make.

That’s the best way to build tons of high-quality videos in a short time.

  • Planning Filming Locations:

But, if you want to do it outside and change the location, you need to plan carefully the locations you use:

  • Do you need permission to film your videos someplace?
  • Is the weather proper for recording?
  • How are you going to manage transportation for your team and equipment?

Usually, setting up a studio for video recording is better for YouTube Business Plan!

YouTube Business Plan Step #7:  Create a System to Find New Ideas for Your Videos:

How to come up with creative ideas for your videos continually?

You need to be innovative if you want to attract your audience for a long time.

Some of the most common ways to create new ideas are:

  • Track what your competitors do and what’s popular now.
  • Do keyword research and look for old or boring videos that you can do better.
  • Examine your channel’s analytics to see what videos perform the best in terms of watch time and engagement, and make similar ones.
  • Ask your audience about what they want to watch.

YouTube Business Plan Step #8:  Create Your Promotion Plan:

YouTube Business Plan 2021

If you have some following in other social media platforms or have a list of clients, outline how you’ll make them aware of your new video content.

Some choices are:

  • Targeted Instagram or Facebook ads.
  • Email outreach.
  • Telephone calls.

You’ll also need to know how to reach your target audience that is already using YouTube regularly.

For that, you’ll need to learn the Great SEO stuff!

YouTube is a search engine that suggests videos automatically to people it thinks will like them.

It would be best to learn how to link the algorithm with good SEO, so YouTube knows whom to recommend your videos to.

A good SEO strategy for YouTube Business Plan includes the following:

  • Choose the right titles and keywords to attract people to click.
  • How to design thumbnails that attract clicks.
  • Using cards to link to other related videos for your audience.
  • How to use the correct tags.
  • How to upload your scripts to each video, so YouTube knows what it’s about.
  • Stop production in a video format that doesn’t work.
  • How to increase engagement.
  • Know how to double down when something works.
  • What hashtags to use in your videos to make them more discoverable.

These things are crucial in your YouTube Business Plan, or it’ll be challenging to get eyeballs on your content.

Biteplay will give you a chance to use YouTube Ads with our great tool!

Biteplay tool can help you find your tags with our Tag Generator.


You can also use Biteplay’s tool to do your keyword search and find the best keywords for your videos!


YouTube Business Plan Step #9:  Scale and Expand Your YouTube Business Plan:


What improvements could you make to your first product to better solve your clients’ problems?

What other products can you offer later on to keep your clients satisfied?

You can do the same with your first product and ask your current clients what they want to learn next.

If you’re selling one product successfully, don’t stop here!

It would help if you kept reinvesting in new, enhanced ones for your customer.

After all, once someone buys from you, they’re more likely to buy over and over again.

This is how you keep boosting your business until it becomes a fantastic money-making machine that helps thousands of people.

Congratulations, you now know how to create a great YouTube Business Plan!

Nothing goes right without a plan in your hands!

When you have a YouTube Business Plan, you’ll always have something you get back to when things go wrong!

The first step is defining your goals, what you want to achieve with YouTube, your target audience, your niche, and the right products and services!

After this, you need to pick a strategy that fits what you do, and here you have your fantastic YouTube Business Plan!

And that’s not all! Biteplay has an academy to help you learn more about YouTube Ads!

YouTube Business Plan 2021

Happy YouTube Business Plan!!

YouTube Business Plan 2021

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