YouTube Branding 2021: The Golden Steps!

Youtube channel branding

YouTube Branding 2021!?

Visual Identity, Colors, and Logo!

Do these terms seem familiar to you? 🧐

If yes, then we have some great news for you! YouTube Branding is still on top of YouTube optimizations in 2021. 😍

Nice, right!?

And if you have you ever wondered about the common feature of top YouTube Channels, The answer is:

They are all using YouTube Branding! 😉

It’s not just about the videos they make; it’s about everything from the way they set up the profile to the images!

YouTube Branding 2021 helps build channels that people trust, subscribe to, and watch their videos repeatedly.

You, too, want to create a successful YouTube channel that attracts subscribers and views, come on; let’s have excellent YouTube Branding for 2021!

Biteplay never misses anything that will help your business stand out!

What Is YouTube Branding?

YouTube Branding

YouTube Branding is unique characteristics that separate your channel from the rest and communicate your key messages and content strategy. 

It’s a good idea to make your YouTube Branding transparent and representative so that people who find your channel understand what your videos are all about.

I know that you are so excited to do your YouTube Branding! 😊

Here are how everything goes to make your business skyrocket with YouTube Branding:

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #1: Verify Your Account And Name:

YouTube Branding

The first step in YouTube Branding is verifying your account. 

When you verify your account, you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes, and you also can upload custom thumbnails, which are a vital part of YouTube Branding. 

Verifying your account is simpler than you imagine!

All you need to do is pick the country you are in, submit your number, and they will send you a verification code. 

Then, submit it on YouTube to verify. 

Next, apply for a verification badge. 

This is the tick mark that will appear next to your channel’s name on YouTube. 

It makes your channel and brand look more credible and trustworthy. 

Google’s rules say that your account requires a minimum of 100,000 subscribers before you can ask for a verification badge. 

However, some accounts can get a badge before they reach that number. 

So, always try getting a badge to start YouTube Branding even if you have fewer subscribers.

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #2: Stay Consistent With All Images: 

YouTube Branding

YouTube isn’t about producing videos; the images you use on YouTube play an essential role in YouTube Branding. 

There are mainly four visuals you should always get right for YouTube Branding. 

They are the profile image, thumbnail, banner, and end card. 

Profile picture: 

YouTube Branding

If you are a company, you need to use your logo or any image with your business name. 

But, if you are a vlogger, you can use your headshot. 

Ensure to use the same logo/headshot you use on your other social media channels and your website to have brand consistency across all your social media platforms.  


The thumbnail is the most powerful image on your YouTube channel

The better it looks; the more people will click on your video and watch it! 

So, take your time to make it look as great as possible. 

Never forget that the background image you choose for your YouTube thumbnail is 1280 by 720 pixels for the most excellent results.

Then arrange details like your logo and the title of the video as overlay text over the background. 

Colors, we will never miss this point!

Make sure to use the same colors from your branding color palette. 

We are almost finished!!

When uploading your thumbnail, click on the ‘Custom thumbnail’ button on YouTube’s editor. 

If this button didn’t show in your editor, it is because you haven’t verified your channel yet. 


You can brand your banner by adding your logo to it or creating a unique image with the same color palette as your other marketing material. 

If possible, change this banner every week or month to promote your latest products or videos and get the best of YouTube Branding.

End Card:

End Card

You add the YouTube end card to the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video

You may have noticed it when a video is going to end before. 

A few popups look on the video asking you to watch another video, a playlist, subscribe or visit a website or all of these together.

Yes, this is the end card!! 

You can also place it over a still image or the moving video. 

Biteplay recommends using a still image as it decreases distractions.

After doing all of this right, set and see your conversion rate skyrocket!

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #3: Fill in All Details:

YouTube Branding 2021

If you want to make the best YouTube Branding, then you need to fill in all the details for your channel

How to fill in all the details?

Let’s see; it’s super easy!

The details for YouTube Branding should include a link to your social media channels and website.

Also, you need to write a bright description of your ‘About’ page. 

Include everything about your channel and why people should subscribe to it and follow the information you share. 

Good news: you can also add your email address to make it easier for people to contact you. 

Be aware it’s better to write as you speak in your videos to maintain consistency.

It would be best if you also used the same writing style in your video descriptions. 

In this description, you should add links to your social media channels and website to help people learn more about your channel and have the best YouTube Branding ever.

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #4: Create a Channel Trailer: 


Another significant addition that can help you in YouTube Branding is a trailer

The trailer is the video that looks when someone visits your channel. 

People usually visit your channel’s home page once before they subscribe, so make a short video and stick yourself in visitors’ minds. 

Using this trailer, you can tell people what your channel is about and why they should subscribe. 

A good video needs a good description, right!?

Please write a good one for the trailer as it will be displayed beside the video on the channel page. 

You can also display your most valuable or successful video here to get more views.

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #5: Speak in a Friendly, Conversational Tone:


Before you start making your videos, you need to have a consistent voice for your videos.

Doing this will make the tone of your videos compatible! 

Your viewers will have a greater sense of who you are, which is crucial for building unique and robust content.

Remember that a friendly, conversational tone will work best for YouTube Branding. 

You have unlimited choices here, depending on your goals! 

You can be scientific, professional, quirky, or playful. 

But try always to look accessible and approachable.

No one wants to drive people away by using language that’s too difficult for them.

You would have the best of YouTube Branding if you made videos that people enjoy!

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #6: Make a Menu of Content:

As we know, YouTube is a search engine for videos. 

You may want to build some customized content that reflects what customers are searching for or what they need to know about your content. 

Instructional or how-to videos that will show customers how to use your product are always a good idea to start. 

Still, it is also essential to consider the value of combining your product into YouTube shows and make them as favorite videos on your channel.

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #7: Global Domination:

YouTube Branding

You need to be goal-oriented during the process and the launch of your channel. Still, before your finger goes to hit the “upload” button, you must consider your target audience’s needs and remember that web video is a different medium. 

Let your goals and objectives direct the ways you use to create and promote videos. 

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #8: Nurture Relationships with Subscribers:

YouTube Branding

Another vital element in YouTube Branding is to sustain relationships with subscribers and viewers. 

Communicating with people gives you a chance to convey and invest in viewers’ experiences, thoughts, and questions.

Keeping up with the comments of your subscribers on YouTube is crucial to successful YouTube Branding. 

Try to respond to all comments and questions, especially when there’s an opportunity for discussions. 

It would be best to get rid of spam, hate speech, and trolls in general on your channel.

It can affect viewers’ attention to your content if you look like you’re ignoring your comments.

You don’t want someone seeing your channel for the first time to see nothing but arguing or spam!

YouTube Branding 2021 Step #9: Encourage Action:

YouTube Branding needs to help users leave comments, but several ways can help build an audience and increase reliability. 

Cards are a straightforward tool; they are pre-programmed notifications that pop up in videos and lead viewers elsewhere.

This way, you can let the viewer know that they can take an extra action, which could help keep them within your channel rather than clicking away.

Now you can start YouTube Branding by yourself!

Implementing Biteplay’s tips are greater than you can ever imagine!

If you do all the things right, you will be surprised how great is YouTube Branding!

Branding will help you shine and drag more views, subscribers, and traffic. 

It will also have a huge effect on your YouTube Affiliate Marketing results!

Start by verifying your account, designing your images, and filling in all the needed details. 

After that, you can start creating a channel trailer that considers your whole brand. 

Moreover, ensure this brand resonates in each video you make in the future. 

Keep your tone of voice always reliable and honest, build bonds of trust between you and your subscribers, and always push them to take action before they leave!

What now!? Don’t you think it’s YouTube Branding time?

Happy YouTube Branding 2021 From Biteplay! ❤️

YouTube Branding 2021 Biteplay

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