YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021: Your Complete Guide!

youtube affiliate marketing

The term “YouTube Affiliate Marketing” is popular these days, isn’t it?

You’ve used YouTube for years and heard that people make money from it.

As you know, YouTube is more than a platform to share videos!

It can also be a source of income, as many people are doing today.

Most likely, you have many questions blowing in your mind right now, don’t you? 

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

How do people make money?

Are they using crowdfunding to make their videos?

There should be more than those 30-second ads that you skip over when you are not interested enough. 😂

For sure, there is, and that is what we call YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Who hates to make more money! 😉

Biteplay is here to give you everything you need about YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

As a First Step, Let’s Have a General Overview of Affiliate Marketing!


What is Affiliate Marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing is promoting other companies’ or people’s products.

When someone purchases through your affiliate link, you get a commission!

Yes, Super Easy! 🥰

As an affiliate, you’re a salesman for the company.

So, when you ease the selling process, the company pays you!

A common salesman usually sells products from one company, but as an affiliate marketer, you can promote services and products for several companies and earn commissions from all of them!

There are many types of affiliate marketing programs; some of them pay you for getting traffic, conversions, potential customers, or views.

Surely, you’ve heard about advertisers and publishers before, right?

affiliate marketing

Advertisers are the owners of offers and products.

An advertiser is a company/business with a product or service and depends on another source to advertise it.

On the other hand, publishers are responsible for linking the advertiser’s product to the end-customer as they provide traffic, sales, or leads.

Publishers should make quality traffic that converts!

A publisher can be one single person or even a company.

Publishers should take care of the ad’s promotions and management to get results for advertisers.

Indeed, that was everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, so let’s move on to YouTube Affiliate Marketing! 😊

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is about creating videos and hosting them on YouTube with links and information that lead to the products you promote.

The content you create for YouTube Affiliate Marketing inspires viewers to buy products from third-party websites, and you get a commission.

With YouTube Affiliate Marketing, you can get commissions if you are committed to build high-quality YouTube content. 

What makes YouTube Affiliate Marketing great is that an affiliate doesn’t need to manufacture, stock, or ship product!

How simple! 😍

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

The barrier to get started is almost low compared to the actual businesses you are promoting.

If you have another job that takes most of your time, you can use YouTube Affiliate Marketing as a passive income to supplement your current salary.

We need to know a few things before entering the world of YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

A certain amount of commitment and quality is required to make your efforts work. 

It doesn’t take time to generate traffic that turns into a profitable income (conversions) in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Moreover, the time between launching and earning money depends on various factors:

  • The popularity of the products you are promoting. 
  • The frequency of your uploads. 
  • Promotions via other social media platforms. 
  • The engagement. 

Anywhere from almost 2 months to a year can be assumed before earning the first dollar via commission on an affiliate link click.

It is also vital to pay attention to the products and services you plan to promote. 

If the business you’re pointing to has a bad reputation or an unexpected problem with the quality, your reputation will be in danger.

Therefore, before creating content for YouTube Affiliate Marketing, it’s important to know the companies you will work with.

Now, let’s have a closer look at some YouTube Affiliate Marketing terms:


The high number of terms used in YouTube Affiliate Marketing can be overwhelming.

So, Biteplay will share 12 YouTube Affiliate Marketing terms you should know:

– Lead:

The contact with the possibility of turning into a customer in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

– Tracking link:

A tracking link is usually the affiliate link, a unique URL to send people for a particular offer.

– CPA:

It means cost per action or cost per acquisition. CPA is a payment type in which affiliates are rewarded for a specific action. 

For example, the action can be generating a lead or a sale. This term is very important for YouTube Affiliate Marketing.


Cost per lead is nearly related to CPA, pointing to the particular action of generating a lead in YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 


Cost per mille points to cost per thousand impressions. So, the payment is per thousand activities.

– CPC: 

Cost per click points to another payment type according to which affiliates are paid per received click.

– CPV:

Cost per view is a bidding type for YouTube video campaigns where you pay for a view. (Important for YouTube Affiliate Marketing).

– CTR: 

The click-through rate determines how frequently people click your ad from the people who see it. 

If you have 1.000 guests to your website and 100 clicks, your CTR is 10%.

Clicks ÷ impressions = CTR.

– VR: 

View Rate is a percentage displaying the number of video ad views to the number of impressions.

View Rate is related to CTR, but the difference is video views, not clicks.

This term is also vital in YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

– CR:

Conversion rate is the rate of the desired actions out of the total number of clicks (views). (Essential for YouTube Affiliate Marketing).

Conversions ÷ clicks = CTR.

– Pixel:

A pixel is a code that enables you to track visitor’s behavior on any website. When a user enters a website, the pixel will load. 

– PPC:

Related to CPC, PPC stands for pay-per-click and points to a pattern in which advertisers pay a fee for each click (One example is Google Ads).

– SEM:

Search Engine Marketing involves search engine optimization, paid ads, and other search engine related things.

– SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is the method of raising the quantity and quality of traffic to your site (higher ranks, sales, and traffic) through search engine results.

What About The Process of YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

the process

At first, you have to deal with a YouTube Affiliate Marketing program.

You can’t start linking to products in your YouTube video description and get paid every time you lead to a sale.

A lot of businesses have YouTube Affiliate Marketing programs.

After signing up, they provide you with an affiliate link. The affiliate link is a single URL you include in your content.

It helps merchants trace the sales that come from your content.

Each time a click on your affiliate link turns into a purchase, you get your commission.

Clearly, the bigger your audience, the better your affiliate links will get clicked and lead to a sale.

You also have to pick the products and services that you’ll promote carefully on YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

They need to be related to your niche and the type of your content.

For example, if you make cooking videos, you wouldn’t want to be an affiliate marketer for gardening tools! That’s a big issue in YouTube Affiliate Marketing! 😂

By Now, You Are Ready for The Steps to Start YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 1: Identify Your Goals:

youtube affiliate marketing

Goals are always the first step before doing any other thing!

It would be best if you had a clear goal of what you want.

Common goals in YouTube Affiliate Marketing can be:

  • Driving traffic to affiliate links.
  • Driving traffic to your blog or website.
  • Creating an email list or any other database.

As we see, there is no limit but the sky!

However, it has always been about driving traffic to wherever you want!

If you want traffic to affiliate links, Biteplay would recommend capturing emails too. 

And never forget to build your database while promoting other people’s products.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 2: Research & Find a Profitable Niche:


This may be one of the most critical steps in YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

Take your time to do your research here, and you can thank us later!

Don’t jump to start a channel. 

Planning is the cornerstone to success in YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

You can’t imagine how important planning is!

Spend as much time as you can here.

I know that you’ve heard this, but you need to choose a niche you enjoy and love enough.

It is not a destination; it is a journey!

So, if you don’t like cooking, you will not create constant videos about it.

Here Are The Steps That You Need to Follow When Doing Your Research in YouTube Affiliate Marketing:


Write down some niches that you enjoy, for example, cooking, SEO, Basketball.

Then Google the word for each of them + “blog or forum” and read at least two blogs about every niche.
After you research and read enough, put a number from 1 to 10 as an enjoyment rank.

Finally, take the top 3 niches, which should score 10, 9, 8, and find sub-niches for each one of them.

You can now try to shoot a video for everyone and decide what you enjoy the most.

Don’t throw other niches; you may need them later!

We want you to have sub-niches because that will make you seem like an expert in your area and more comfortable ranking in Google and YouTube.

Finding a Profitable Niche For YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Keywords play the leading role here!

It is crucial to find keywords in your niches that are easy to rank for YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

No one wants to make videos that no one sees!  😕

This may happen to new YouTubers who decide that YouTube sucks and give up!

Here is a Secret: it is a lot easier to rank on YouTube than on Google.

You are asking yourself how to find keywords, right?

If you are starting and have no authority and subscribers yet, it will help if you found low competition keywords but decent traffic.

Long Tail Keywords are the king now, at least 3 words. 

Less than that, it will be tough for you to rank!

Biteplay will give you the best advice ever; here are the keywords you should use in your YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

  • Best / Top X.
  • How to X.
  • Tutorial X.
  • X Review.

Guess what is the best one ever?

Yes, it is “How to X”; the easiest to rank and make videos about.

how to youtube affiliate marketing

I bet you that each one of us has googled “how to” keywords before!

For instance, if your niche is cooking, you go to the YouTube search bar and type in “how to cook spaghetti.”

And you will see how excellent the results are!

However – Biteplay will help you find profitable ones for your YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 3: Finding Affiliate Offers to Promote on YouTube:

youtube affiliate offers

I caught you! 😁

You wondered where to find affiliate offers for YouTube Affiliate Marketing and Googled it already.

Although it is essential to spend some time finding a decent offer, you can see YouTube Affiliate Marketing offers everywhere.

What Are Available Affiliate Offers?

All YouTube Affiliate offers are available for you!

This is an excellent feature of YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

YouTube is not a niche but a platform that allows you to reach any audience regardless of your niche.

So, there’s a range of great affiliate programs that almost cover any topic to use in your YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

For example, you can start with Clickbank, Jvzoo, Shareasale, Amazon affiliates, and Maxbounty.

These great Affiliate Marketing programs will help you in your YouTube Affiliate Marketing, whether you provide Info products or Physical ones.

What are Info products and Physical products?

Info products or Information products include e-books, online courses, and audio or video material.

They help people solve problems or teach them how to do something.

On the other hand, physical products are material things like clothes, sporting equipment, or weight loss pills.

In both of them, you need to find a profitable niche and build web traffic to succeed.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 4: Set Up Your YouTube Channel:

youtube channel

Setting up a YouTube channel to start your YouTube Affiliate Marketing is greatly simple.

Almost everyone has a Gmail account today. 

If you don’t, then create one and use it to log in to YouTube. 

We’ll dig deep into the things that will separate your channel and video content from others and help you get more views. 

1) Create a Professional YouTube Channel Layout:

affiliate channel
  • Choose a high-quality Profile Picture for yourself; headshots are the best in YouTube Affiliate Marketing!
  • Use trailer video: This is the top video on your YouTube profile that auto-plays when someone visits your channel; this video should be short and related to your niche.
  • Organizing videos by topics: As you create more and more content, it is super important to manage your videos by subject; this helps people navigate easier to their topic of interest, stay on your channel longer and take action, so you earn revenue in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

2) Consistently Create Content:

content is king

Fact: YouTube loves channels that always have new content!

To get the best of YouTube Affiliate Marketing, don’t forget to publish videos regularly.

3) Write Catchy Titles:

Let’s face it: if your YouTube Titles are terrible, none of the other stuff matters! 

Even if you have the best video content ever, no one will watch it if your title doesn’t encourage them. 

Your video title’s job is to make people click on your video and watch it, so never miss this chance!

Your title works with your thumbnail to make people open and view your video in YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

There are many ways to write fantastic titles; one way is to use incomplete ones!

Here’s an example: “My new cat destroyed my…”

4) Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail:

Thumbnails are the steady images we see before playing videos. 

Your thumbnail and title can make or break your channel, so you need to do this right.

Your thumbnail is a random shot from your video.

But, if you want to have the best YouTube Affiliate Marketing, you should design the thumbnail images and then upload them to the video. 

It is better to do this because a thumbnail image with circles, arrows, and authority logos raises videos’ click-through rate. 

And yes, that’s what YouTube Affiliate Marketing needs! 😁

5) Professional Descriptions:

youtube descriptions

The first thing to do is to place links, or you’d like people to visit “above the fold.”

These links are excellent in YouTube Affiliate Marketing as they can be affiliate links, links to your website, social media profiles, etc.

Above the fold is what people see before they scroll or tap ‘see more.’ 

Your video description is a crucial element in YouTube Affiliate Marketing after putting your keywords.

6) Correctly Placed Hashtags:


Before publishing your video, come on, let’s add Hashtags!

It is another fantastic way to help people find your videos organically.

I can’t say how useful this can be in YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

Most people put 2 or 3 categories here without putting much thought into them.

No, you are not one of them! 😉

Put extra thought and mix in broader keywords with long-tail ones to boost your search engine and YouTube Affiliate Marketing results.

Example: ‘Learn English fast,’ ‘learn English fast with YouTube.’

7) Closed Captions:

closed captions

If you are doing YouTube Affiliate Marketing, you should never miss this one!

You get extra SEO juice and rank better in the search engines. 

Additionally, it’s easier than ever to do!

There’s an auto caption feature that you can turn on when uploading a video. 

Though this feature works well, we advise you to manually go through it, check for errors, and make the required edits.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 5: Insert Your Affiliate Links:

affiliate links

We said that the most common place to add your affiliate link is in the description and above the fold. 

You can also add them in annotations!

During your video or at the end, point to the affiliate links so the viewer can find them.

You should never miss this point when doing YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 6: Understanding & Getting Traffic to Your YouTube Videos:


If you did all the previous steps as advised, you should see some traffic already. 

You are on the right road for YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

There are many ways of getting YouTube traffic; the major ones are:

  1. Browse Feature.
  2. YouTube Search.
  3. Suggested Videos.
  4. Channel Page.
  5. External.

Browse Feature:


It is traffic from the homepage/home screen, subscription feed, and other browsing features for signed-in and signed-out users.

You may not get any traffic from this section when starting your YouTube Affiliate Marketing program.

However, when you get 1,000 subscribers or more, YouTube will help users browse your channel and land them on various sections of it, so you get traffic.

YouTube Search:

YouTube Search

Like its name, YouTube search results give the traffic here.

You can also see the search terms that your viewers use if you have the user’s browser/player.

In short, this is the SEO for YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

Suggested Videos:

suggested videos

You won’t believe how great this one is in YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

It will probably be your most significant traffic source when you are starting.

This traffic comes from suggestions that look next to or after other videos and links in video descriptions.

If you are on a laptop, it will be on the right side of the comments. 

But, if you are using your mobile phone, it is under the comments.

Channel Page:

channel page

Traffic comes from your YouTube Affiliate Marketing channel, topic channels, and other YouTube channels.

It also includes traffic you may get from another creator sharing a video from your channel on his/her Community tab.


YouTube Affiliate Marketing

This one comes from outside YouTube, probably other social networks, or Google search. 

All of these traffic sources will always boost your YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Golden Step 8: YouTube Ads: 😉

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Here is the most important step in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

YouTube Ads are your direct and most effective way to reach your audience and make successful YouTube Affiliate Marketing results.

Now, what are the types of ads for YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

There are 5 types of ads you can make on YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Generally, they are categorized into 2 general sections: video ads and non-video ads. 

Video YouTube Ads:

YouTube is unique because it is video focusing. While using YouTube, people assume to see video content. 

Accordingly, always try to make high-quality videos and put your efforts there, so you can convert people and achieve your YouTube Affiliate Marketing goals.

Non-Skippable Instream Video:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

It’s one of the best types for YouTube Affiliate Marketing; these ads appear pre- or mid-roll without a user’s choice to skip them. 

These ads are driven on a CPM method (so you must pay for every 1000 views despite the number of clicks). 

Non-Skippable campaigns take some effort to create but can be a large asset in YouTube Affiliate Marketing if surrounded with care.  

Skippable Instream Video:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Everyone is familiar with this type of YouTube ads which includes the option “skip this ad.” 

The Skippable ad must be at least 12 seconds long, but there is no limit on how long it can go on (1, 2, or 3 minutes). 

You should focus on the first 5 seconds to encourage people to keep watching and get your YouTube Affiliate Marketing desires. 

May is not very easy! 

The good thing is that you pay if the user performed one of the three situations: 

Watched the first 30 seconds of your ad, watched the ad from the beginning till the end (if it’s under 30 seconds), or clicked on the ad. 


YouTube Affiliate Marketing

We all know that YouTube is considered as a search engine, so here you have a great advantage for YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

Discovery ads work like Google’s search ads. 

They are primary ads that appear in the users’ feed next to organic search results highlighting a thumbnail and description lines. 

In discovery ads, you only pay when a user chooses to watch your ad; that’s why it is also important for YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

But you should pay attention here since it needs a lot of work to make users see your ad!

Non-Video YouTube Ads:

YouTube wants everyone to feel involved, so the platform has other choices for YouTube Affiliate Marketing.  


display ads

This type of YouTube Ads appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list.

The display ad includes an image and text, alongside a CTA with a link to your website.

Moreover, it is usually cheap to make when you start YouTube Affiliate Marketing.


Overlay ads are the most popular types of YouTube banner advertising. They appear right on top of the video streaming with a choice to close it. 

The trick is that these offers have to come from YouTube channels, so if you want to run overlay ads, ensure you have a channel.

Finally, it’s up to you to determine which choice to get the most conversions, it will depend on the YouTube Affiliate Marketing Program and factors.

Just choose the type you seem confident about and let your imaginative juices flow in YouTube Affiliate Marketing! 

Until now, you have a general overview of what types of ads you might use as a piece of your YouTube Affiliate Marketing plan.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing: How to Start Your Campaign?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

You know, YouTube is part of Google, so your YouTube Affiliate Marketing Campaign is done as any other campaigns in Google Ads platform.

google ads

Keep in mind that Biteplay has all the features you need for your YouTube Affiliate Marketing Campaign, and this will be shown below!

Here is a quick guideline of the process:

  • Setup your Google Ads account if you don’t have one.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Pick up the campaign type: Video or Discovery; Display ads are not just for YouTube but also the Google Display network.
  • Select your bid strategy (conversions, impressions, etc.)
  • Put the budget for your YouTube Affiliate Marketing Campaign.
  • Choose where you need your ads to show: YouTube, search results only, or related websites. 
  • Optimize: You have to stay ready for changes and testing.

Just like that, you are ready to start your own YouTube Affiliate Marketing campaign! 

You may feel lost when you start, and that is okay!

Biteplay never stops to surprise you!

How Can Biteplay Help You in Your YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s see!

Step 1 – You can find your audience with Biteplay:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Biteplay gives you this amazing feature; it helps you find and target the right audience for your YouTube Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

Step 2 – You can create an inventory to keep track of new videos about your topic niche:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Creating an inventory to keep tracking new videos won’t be a hard process anymore with Biteplay.

It is an essential task, and Biteplay will give you a hand to do it and have the best YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Step 3 – You can find key influencers to make a partnership with Biteplay:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Biteplay can also search and find the key influences to help you have a partnership to boost your YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Step 4 – If you want to learn more about YouTube Ads, inside Biteplay, you’ll find an academy center:

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

I can’t tell you how great are YouTube Ads for YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

And yes, Biteplay will help you learn about YouTube Ads with the academy center.

And guess what, there is a $100 coupon to test YouTube ads, especially for beginners.

For more information, you can check here.

You can also visit this link for general information.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step 9: Collect Your Commissions:

Collect your commissions but never stop to optimize!

You can add more pieces that are advanced as well, like your own website.

When you have your website, you can supercharge your affiliate commissions by building an email list from your YouTube Subscribers.

Many people say that email marketing died!

But they can’t be more wrong! 🙃

When people know, trust, and like you, they will look forward to your content and take action on your advice.

And that is what you want in YouTube Affiliate Marketing!

Now you have the steps and know how to do everything right in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Biteplay would like to tell you, “Why YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021?”

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Pros of YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Massive Audience: 

We don’t need to repeat the statistics, but we all know that YouTube’s traffic is enormous and always growing. 

People all over the world watch tons of videos on every topic.

You won’t find any industry that doesn’t have an audience waiting to buy.

High Growth For YouTube Affiliate Marketing: 

Video is occupying the web. YouTube’s revenues have grown from an estimated 1 billion dollars in 2012 to 9 billion dollars in 2016.

It means that you won’t only get tons of views, but your views and revenues will also grow over time.

Lower Competition: 

Video is still mostly empty of competition outside of a few niches (tech, gaming, fashion, beauty). 

If you start early with some quality content, you can control the niche and build a massive audience.

Freedom to Choose Offers in YouTube Affiliate Marketing: 

You have all the space in the world to plug in any offer or website, mostly after you build trust by keeping a non-spammy and high-quality channel.

More Stability: 

You may lose all of the efforts you spent on building your pages if the algorithm of the platform you are using changed.

This is unlikely to happen on YouTube because of the subscriber system and the more stable search algorithm.

You Can Build a Loyal Audience in YouTube Affiliate Marketing: 

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

People who like your videos can “Subscribe” to your channel; this means that they will get your new videos in their “Subscribed” feed even if you don’t promote it

Additionally, loyal audience, is a massive boost for anyone creating quality content.

Easy SEO (sometimes):  

Because of lower competition on YouTube, it’s nearly easy to get your video ranked at the top of the SERPs.

Should You Start Your YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Yes, come on, say yes to YouTube Affiliate Marketing, as Biteplay has given you everything to make your YouTube Affiliate Marketing stand out!

Let’s face it: Videos will be the future soon with or without YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 😊

However, although YouTube is a very competitive environment already, you can shine when you do everything right.

You need to pay great attention when choosing your niche. 

Have realistic goals, be faithful, and offer trustworthy, quality information to your audience.

By keeping your tone of voice honest and reliable, you’ll receive the respect of your audience. 

When offering valuable information with links to well-reviewed products, you’ll earn commissions and calibrate your great YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

And as always, good content never loses! 😉

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

So, keep publishing high-quality content, and your customers will turn to see what you’re advising next.

People appreciate quality, the human touch, and most importantly, honesty. 

If you mix all these things with a steady growth strategy, you are on the right way to make successful YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Moreover, Biteplay is always here to help and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Good Luck With YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021. ❤️

YouTube Affiliate Marketing


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