Youtube ads vs Facebook ads Which Ads Convert Better?

Youtube ads vs Facebook ads

Ok, this is not an easy question to answering, for many reasons.
Both have great advantages, but let’s take a deep look at this topic:
Youtube ads Vs Facebook ads: Which Ads Convert Better?

(Are you the type who prefers to watch videos? No problem!)

What can I say? I’m video addicted too…

Businesses of all sizes have turned to video advertising to promote their platform. As we all know, videos are more engaging than text and other forms of media.

There are industry giants in the tech space who have been pushing to make video advertising more accessible and effective for marketers: Facebook and YouTube.

Today we’ll be comparing the pros and cons of Youtube ads vs Facebook ads and we’ll be sharing how you can utilize the right platform to reach the perfect customers for your business.

Facebook ads in a nutshell

Facebook ads
Nervous Zuckerberg

Facebook is currently the world’s largest media network, without a doubt. Almost everyone nowadays has a Facebook account.

From students, to grandparents, people of all races have created accounts. Without a doubt, Facebook is larger than YouTube. Because of this, it would be correct to assume that Facebook is the go-to advertising platform for videos, right? Wrong.

It is a common misconception that because Facebook is larger in terms of user base, it is more effective than advertising on YouTube. This is simply not the case. First of all, not everyone on Facebook engages with videos.

Some people use Facebook merely to chat, read articles, or share pictures on Facebook Groups. On the other hand, YouTube’s content consists entirely of videos, making YouTube perfect for video marketing.

On Facebook, you are charged for your advertisement even if the viewer does not watch through your entire ad. This is not the case with YouTube, but we’ll discuss that later. Lastly, Facebook has passed its golden age of growth. The rate of growth of YouTube has become much higher than that of Facebook in recent years.

Youtube ads in a nutshell

Youtube ads
A new king in town

First, timing is to your advantage.
As of 2020, Facebook has passed its golden age of growth.
On the other hand, YouTube is still growing at an exponential rate. 🌟

With this in mind, we can expect the YouTube user base to grow at a very high rate for years to come. If you advertise on YouTube, you can utilize the “first-mover advantage,” meaning you can get ahead of your competitors.

It’s commonly believed that only big advertising companies can produce effective videos. Yes, they may have the budget to produce nice-looking videos, however that doesn’t mean that their videos are more effective than yours.

youtube ads video
Big ad production on Hollywood studios (just kidding)

The important thing to understand here is that the quality of the video is not what attracts your audience and gets them to take action after watching your advertisement.

What matters more is the message your video aims to convey.
Potential customers are more likely to act based on an advertisement if they relate more deeply with your message.

Next, video can connect instantly with the audience.
Sure, Facebook has videos and video advertisements, however, videos are YouTube’s specialty. Videos crafted correctly can easily grab the attention of your audience. If your audience chooses to press the skip button on YouTube, no worries.

👉 As long as they press the button within the first 30 seconds of your ad, you pay nothing.

What can you do in 30 seconds?

30 seconds ads for free with youtube
oh common, you got it right?

Push-up exercises, order a pizza, make a tweet complaining about the president, or even better: talk to your client for free 🔥.

It’s basically free advertising, and 30 seconds is plenty of time for you to get your message across.

Lastly, YouTube advertisers benefit from contextual ads.
If you’ve established who your ideal customer is, then you can identify what type of content your customer is watching. Once you’ve identified these videos, you can specifically choose which videos to place your advertisements on. It’s laser-focused targeted marketing. By targeting the right audience with your ads, the chances of customers taking action basically skyrockets.

What Can I do with this information? 🤷

By now you’ve hopefully realized that YouTube advertising is not only effective, but also accessible to businesses of all sizes. However, there is one caveat: YouTube advertising only works if you target the right audience.

I mentioned earlier how you can choose the specific video you want your ads to appear on. The problem is, not all videos are monetized.

What’s worse is YouTube doesn’t explicitly say which videos are monetized (profit from ads) and which videos aren’t.
Fret not, for there is a solution.

Biteplay is an optimization tool for YouTube ads and video marketing performance. First, it solves the problem we mentioned previously: Biteplay allows you to find monetized videos. This isn’t done simply through a YouTube search. It collects and aggregates data and presents it in a way that is useful to your decision-making process. It also has features that allow you to search for influencers, get relevant keywords, and much more. For any business hoping to enter the YouTube advertising space, you’d better check this out.

Youtube ads vs Facebook ads: the short answer is…
Facebook still amazing, but don’t put all your eggs at the same basket, it will blow up your business at some point in the journey.

Give a shot on Youtube ads while they are still cheap and fulfilled of untapped traffic.

Hey, I’m not done yet…
Google will give you a $100 coupon (check it here)
just for you to test this powerful method of Youtube ads.

WOW, free $100 coupon + 30 seconds for free? YEP!
You don’t have any excuses busy bee.

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