YouTube Ads Placement 2021: How to Choose and What to Avoid?

YouTube Ads Placement 2021

YouTube ads placement targeting can be one of the most valuable choices in Google Ads. 

Still, many advertisers underestimate the power of YouTube Ads Placement. 😕

If you think that YouTube ads placement doesn’t work at all, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Also, You may not know that YouTube ads placement can appear in more places than just YouTube channels and videos.  

Today, Biteplay will make sure that everyone understands YouTube ads placement and how it works.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to pick the right network for YouTube ads placement.
  • How to use the right YouTube ads placement type for your goals.
  • And How to add extra YouTube ads placement to your ad group later.

That’s not everything! 😃

Biteplay will give you some tips to avoid common mistakes in YouTube Ads Placement!

Let’s start to make you feel more confident with your YouTube ads placement choices and get the best results.

Choosing The Proper Network for YouTube Ads Placement:

YouTube Ads Placement 2021

Before we dig deep into YouTube ads placement options, we should mention the cornerstone in YouTube Ads Campaigns setup.

Can you guess it? 🤔

Yes, it’s Network Selection!

Many advertisers get confused between where they think their YouTube Ads are appearing and where they appear. 

It’s essential to choose the right network for your YouTube ads placement because they may get “misplaced.” 

But in general, your YouTube ads placement can be in:

  • YouTube Search Results:
YouTube Ads Placement 2021

One of the best YouTube ads placement you can choose is YouTube search results.

We should remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google.

So, you can make your YouTube ads placement appear on the top of YouTube search results.

However, You can only use this choice when you’re running Trueview Discovery Ads.

  • YouTube Videos:
Discovery ads

Today, the most popular form of YouTube ads placement are YouTube channels and pages. 

You can use this type of YouTube ads placement for in-stream and discovery ads.

  • Video Partners on the Display Network:

If you want to expand your YouTube ads placement choices, then check the box below that says “Video partners on the Display Network.” 

This can improve your reach and attract more attention to your YouTube Ads.

Google also gives us the right to expand the reach of YouTube ads placement to many apps and websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Now as you know where you can place your YouTube Ads, Biteplay will give you some extra tips about YouTube Ads Placement!

Choosing YouTube Ads Placements for Optimal Targeting:


As we said, YouTube ads can show on more placements than YouTube videos or channels. 

Let’s go over YouTube ads placement options and know what type of placements you can use for your Ads in Google Ads. 

  • YouTube Channel Placements:

If you have special channel placements in your mind, search for them. 

All you need to do is to type in some keywords, then choose the YouTube channels that fit.

Never rush when choosing the proper channel!

Scroll down through the results, see the number of videos and subscribers to get an idea of the reach your YouTube Ads can get.

Biteplay is always here to help you with YouTube Ads Placement, all you need to do is to create an inventory:

YouTube Ads Placement

Then you can search by keyword:


This will greatly help you in your YouTube Ads Placement:

  • YouTube Video Placements:

When you’re choosing the right channel, try to find some videos that are relevant to your audience.

You can use the same search feature to find YouTube videos to your keyword.

And never forget to view the channel and the number of views.

  • Video Lineup Placement Targeting:

Video lineups are the latest choice. 😍 

As of today, video lineups have a set of 137 choices you can use for YouTube ads placement targeting. 

Think of it as how we used to say the TV lineup for a special channel. 

Video lineups appeared because of all the YouTube viewership that has turned to TV devices.

You can now go after particular themes of video content.

  • Website Placement Targeting:

In website targeting, you can type specific URLs and keywords to see the results of websites that are a member of Google’s Display Network.

The results you have are all websites that are part of Google’s Display Network. 

But be aware, not all the websites that appear have YouTube Ads Placement.

So, don’t waste your money!

  • App and App Category Targeting:

Apps are another choice for YouTube Ads Placement. 

But you need to go to specific app stores and examine all of the app placements to know if it’s worth having your video on them.

The last option is app categories, and there are 141 categories you can use. 

App categories will be many higher-level categories, and they can help expand reach.

Now, Biteplay will give you some tips you’ll need with YouTube ads placement to avoid some common mistakes!

Let’s dig deeper!

1) YouTube Ads Placement Choices Aren’t as Accurate as You Think:

targeted placements

When Google started using UI instead of Display Planner, we lost the gift to see which website placements give Video Ads space.

For example, When you’re searching for possible YouTube ads placement for any term, Google Ads will give you a tall list of choices to target. 

So, you may think that a tall list is great because you have more options, but, no, you should be careful. 


Because this tall list includes all suggested placements on the Display Network, not just YouTube ads placement with video ad space. 

So, you’ll get excited and choose tons of YouTube Ads Placements on websites that your YouTube Ads may never appear on them!

Nothing can be worse!

2) With Video Campaigns, You Can Embrace the Negative:

Now that you know your YouTube Ads may not show on all the placements, you need to be protective!

All you need to do is trying to prevent unwanted traffic from eating out your budget!

You can do this by adding exclusions to your YouTube Ads.

3) When Setting Up Your YouTube Ads Placement, Pay Attention to Content Exclusions:

Before we launch YouTube Ads, we should have control of where we want to make our ads show.

In the “Content exclusions” part of settings, there are three kinds of exclusions you can use.

Let’s see them:

  • Inventory Type:  “Show your ads on the content that’s right for your brand”.
YouTube Ads Placement
  • Excluded content: “Opt-out of individual sensitive content categories”.
excluded content
  • Excluded types and labels: “Opt-out from showing your ads on content that doesn’t fit your brand”.
account settings

You can exclude whatever content categories that don’t represent your brand or waste your money. 

This way you’ll save time and money!

4) Try to Prevent Children from Seeing Your Ads:

We all love kids, but they make a large percentage of people watching YouTube videos out there.

This can destroy your campaign and waste tons of money.

It is usual for advertisers to open up their YouTube ads placement reports to see the results.

It’s not funny when you have to talk to your client and tell them that their YouTube videos didn’t get leads because children are watching them instead of the targeted audience.

Although you may be targeting the proper Google account, children may watch your Ads when they use their parent’s devices.

To go over this, try to exclude kids YouTube channels in Google Ads.

Start now and block as many kids YouTube channels as possible before you start your YouTube Ads Campaign.

Let’s get to know how Biteplay’s Inventory and Video Search set up will help you in your YouTube Ads Placement!

Here Are the Steps You Need for the Best YouTube Ads Placement:

Let’s use a hypothetic topic term such as a ‘Drones’ eCom store.

You can use Biteplay’s keyword tool to get more insights about some terms and find the right keywords for your Ads.

For Example, I used “Drones” as a Keyword here in Biteplay’s Keyword tool

biteplay and YouTube Ads Placement


You can also go on Video Search and look for ‘Drone’ terms video.

Biteplay 2021

That’s not everything, Biteplay has an advanced filter to narrow your audience and target them properly.

YouTube Ads Placement

Amazing, right?  But we’re not done yet…

Every single day there are tons of new videos about ‘drones’, so let’s set up an inventory to get automated placements at scale!

Here is how to set up your inventory step by step about Drones for Example:

YouTube Ads Placement 2021
Inventory biteplay
new inventory

Here’s the results you get:

videos biteplay
biteplay 2021

Biteplay hopes that you understand how YouTube ads placement works now!!

No matter how particular you think YouTube ads placement is, nothing is perfect!

It’s great to know how the campaign settings work and where your ads will show. 

This will allow you to know what you are choosing for your YouTube ads placement targets and how they will affect who’s going to see them; and will also guarantee that YouTube ads placement you launch gets off to the best start.

You can use Biteplay’s tips to keep your YouTube Ads in front of your target audience. 

Our tips will help you catch your campaign goals faster!

You can also visit Biteplay’s Academy to learn more about YouTube ads placement and get the best results!

biteplay course for youtube
Discovery Ads

Happy YouTube Ads Placement!

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