YouTube Ads for E-Commerce 2021: The Best Ideas!

YouTube Ads for E-commerce

YouTube is a unique platform with over 1.8 billion users to reach audiences interested in your business.

You must find and create a YouTube eCommerce marketing plan because if you don’t have one, you’re avoiding a solid chance to get new leads and increase your audience by your brand.

Today, you & Biteplay will enjoy together learning the ultimate guide about YouTube Ads for E-commerce and what you should look for to reach a successful campaign.

Advantages of YouTube Ads for E-Commerce:

YouTube Ads for E-Commerce
  • Faster scaling than Facebook Ads.
  • Low competition: because there are not a lot of e-commerce stores.
  • No pesky accounts suspensions: you don’t have accounts getting suspended left and right, which is fantastic.
  • The virality effect: if you have a great video ad, people will start searching for it, for the brand, and sharing it with friends so, we saw that with the ad, VN got a lot of attention, and uploads from random people, which it gets people interested.

Essential Things to Remember When Making an E-commerce Video Ad.

CTA for YouTube Ads E-Commerce
  • Tell your audience exactly what to do after they click, like: Click the link above or below, Click the Buy Now button to make your purchase, etc.
  • Edit arrows that point towards the CTA button by using the ad preview tool to see exactly where the CTA’s will be to ensure the indicators are in the right spot.

What are the three main types of YouTube Ads you can run for Your E-commerce Business?

If you want to begin a YouTube E-Commerce marketing plan, you need to know what ads you can run.

Let’s look at the three primary forms of YouTube advertising.

  • Bumper ads:
Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are the quickest and shortest video choice available for your eCommerce business.

These ads only last for six seconds, and they are not skippable.

You’ll find these ads at the opening, middle, or end of YouTube videos.

If you use bumper pads, you’ll spend on a cost per mille (CPM) system.

A CPM means that you pay when people view your ad, not if they click on it.

You’re paying for people who view the whole six seconds of your ads because these ads are non-skippable.

Bumper ads are an excellent choice for eCommerce businesses looking to improve and raise product awareness and reach.

You can also get more attention to a new product, and present people with products you think would suit their needs.

  • Preroll Ads:
YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Preroll ads are non-skippable ads that seem before, during, and after a YouTube video.

They remain for 15-20 seconds.

These ads help promote and engage users to click.

Preroll ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) system, so you only spend money when someone clicks on your ad.

But you want them to engage with your ad content which is the primary purpose, not just clicking on them.

You must make your ads joyful and entertaining if you use preroll ads.

Because of its ability “non-skippable,” and since users can’t skip them, you want your ad to be compelling and grab the audience’s attention, so they don’t feel like your ad is annoying or disturbing.

Moreover, preroll ads are an excellent way to get your audience familiar with your products and force them to check them out frequently.

  • Trueview ads:
YouTube Trueview Ads

Trueview ads are advertisements on YouTube which can be longer than other ads.

There are two kinds of Trueview ads:

  • In-stream ads
In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are the first type of Trueview ad that works on a Pay-Per-Click system.

These ads can last anywhere from 12 seconds to 3 minutes, which is a longer one.

But, in-stream ads are skippable after finishing the first five seconds of the ad.

These ads appear at the beginning of any YouTube video.

People can decide to watch the whole video duration or go to their main video when the skip button becomes available.

In-stream Trueview ads are helpful and valuable for generating sales opportunities.

You expose and get people to your brand and make them engaging interested in your company.

It’s also can help you drive traffic to your website, so you gain more responsive leads.

  • Discovery ads
Discovery Ads

The second type of Trueview ad is discovery ads.

These ads appear in sidebar feeds and search results of videos.

The Discovery ads seem like another YouTube video, except the word “ad” is tagged in.

Discovery ads operate on a PPC system, like in-stream ads.

You spend when someone ticks on your ad, likely because it combines in with other videos.

Your company will pay for the click even though someone views the video or not.

The benefit of Video discovery ads is if you want to grow your YouTube channel’s visibility and expose people to your products and brand.

How to Create YouTube Ads for E-commerce Business?

Now that you know the different YouTube ads for E-Commerce, it’s time to run your ad campaigns.

Let’s dive into YouTube ads best practices that you want for running success with your E-Commerce advertising campaign.

  • Know who your target audience is:

Before you run YouTube ads for E-Commerce, you must discover who you’ll target.

You need to know who will fit with your ads and who you’re trying to reach for a successful campaign.

When you create your account, you should know the following data about your target audience:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • Habits
  • Struggles/Problems
  • Amount of income

You need to invent YouTube ads that engage with the targeted audiences.

If you aren’t close with your audiences’ wants and needs, you’ll lose the mark with your advertising campaign.

Note: Don’t forget Biteplay feature to reach your real audience.

Biteplay tool for reaching real audience
  • Show your product’s benefits directly.

This next point mainly refers to Trueview ads since they’re longer, but it’s essential to keep in mind.

When you set up YouTube ads for E-Commerce, you need to highlight your product’s benefits immediately.

You need to view the benefit of your product within the first five seconds of the ad.

It’s necessary to show the benefits of your product directly to keep your audience excited in your ad.

If people don’t quickly relate to the benefits of your product, they’re not going to hold around and view your ad.

  • It would be best if you made your ads more compelling.

Various companies use emotions to create compulsive ad content that makes their audience interested and involved in their products.

You can use excitement or sadness to try and appeal to your audience (although it’s a logical fallacy, it’s a useful one).

Humorous ads work great for engagement and recognition, while sad or emotionally compelling ads can raise brand awareness.

  • Make your ad visual.

This advice may seem straightforward, but it’s essential, anyway.

If you want to succeed with YouTube ads for eCommerce, you must make your ads as visual as possible.

Some companies will build video advertisements and load them with text.

Videos must be visual, so it’s better to use less writing and put more images.

You can have some text in your ads that can get the success of your advertisement.

However, focus more on using visuals like images and movement stuff to view the highlights of your products.

You’ll want to guarantee and ensure that your ads are high-quality as you focus on visuals.

You don’t want to give low-quality photos and videos to your audience.

  • Continuously monitor ad performance.

One of the most significant YouTube ads best practices is to control your advertising campaign regularly.

Many companies make the same mistake of running ads and never get back to them.

This method is a waste of money, as you’ll never know if your ads are getting the best returns for your business.

You’ll want to check metrics, like views, clicks, and the audience’s time spent watching the video.

These metrics can support you understand if your ads are driving results or you need to do new tricks.

Controlling your ads performance also allows you to test your ad formats and content.

You can use Biteplay to achieve a great campaign and reach the aimed goal:

YouTube Ads for E-Commerce

What Are the Most Valuable Metrics to Look at When Running E-Commerce Products on YouTube?

  • The conversion value divided by the cost:

Assume that you have ten items of something you want to sell.

Each item costs $10, which is a conversion value of $100.

Therefore, the conversion value divided by the cost is equal to 1.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR):

CTR tells how effective your ads are and shows how many times your ad is viewed, how many impressions, and how many people clicked through.

However, for e-commerce products, an average CTR of over 1 percent is good, 2 percent is better, and 3% is a phenomenon.

  • The conversion rate:
Conversion Rate

The conversion rate shows how many interactions your ad has with how many conversions it produces.

Also, everything with 1% is okay; between 1% and 1.5% is average, and everything from 2% to 3% is super powerful.

How Much Budget to Start With When Testing Audiences?

The standard recommendation about the budget is to start daily with $25 at least, using CPV format, which allows us to get some good test data.

Once we get enough test data, we would break out a TCPA campaign at 5x the target conversion cost.

In other words, we are trying to get leads for $10 so, we are ready to set that budget at $50.

What Are the Best Targeting Ways to Start With When it Comes to Promoting Physical Products?

  • Always start with warm audiences first.
  • Target your subscribers, those who have liked your videos, and those who visited your sales page
  • Target the right keywords for your business especially targeting the product or the brand.
  • Aim for the audience who search for your product or similar products and grab their purpose to purchase.
  • You are trying to generate sales, not generate leads so, make sure to have a clear call to action button for buying.

Biteplay will help you in several things with its tool:

  • Target the right keywords:
Biteplay tool for Targeting Keywords
  • Target similar videos:
Biteplay tool for Tracking Similar Videos

Don’t forget that Biteplay now have a tool to communicate with the influencer as well, so you will be able to create partnership with the creators too!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:


YouTube advertising can be a potent tool for generating eCommerce sales.

Given the platform’s influence and audience size, in addition to the reputation and effectiveness of video content, there is no reason that marketers shouldn’t be using YouTube ads in their social media marketing plan.

That said, building a fully optimized YouTube advertising campaign that highlights good creativity, drives actual results, and reaches the right audience can be challenging for people who have never used the platform for promotional goals.

Stay connect to Biteplay, it has a training course as well that will lead the new users on how to improve their campaigns, track new trends, track competitors, and grab the right audience into your website.

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