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Joaquin B.
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It solved my biggest challenge in really zeroing in on how to target the correct market and how to structure ads! Thank you so much for sharing this!
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GUYS, there is a problem: your AD costs are going to RISE. This is the ultimate AD formula to me and all the other guys that are into the lead gaming!
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STOP doing this! ⚠️

❌ Showing your offer to bored people scrolling their feeds
❌ Paying for impression, not for TRUE views
❌ Getting stuck in scaling your business
❌ Having your ad costs increased but not knowing why…
❌ Countless blocked accounts
❌ Competing for the same traffic for high costs

Your ads are a lot like Tinder
People come across your ad…

And with one swipe…

…you’re GONE.

Why Youtube?

👉 Video Is The King 
YouTube has the highest average time on site.
Does it mean something to you?

👉 Target Who You Want
Laser target people you want to reach out to. Find your competitors on YouTube and take away their traffic!

👉 Ready to Buy 
People coming in to watch videos are highly motivated to buy.
How often do you search for reviews and products on Youtube?
Think about that!

👉 The Right Platform 
Video messages create engagement that can’t be replicated.
Therefore, as a marketer, you need to utilize it to its full potential.

👉 2º Largest Search Engine
 Just behind the Google itself… but did you know?
People who search on Google can be reached on Youtube as well.



Intent Traffic

The Visitors Have a Mindset!

People come to YouTube because it offers them valuable information and engagement!

They are looking for answers and prepared for action. Whereas on Facebook or Instagram, they are just scrolling past everything they see!

An important rule of marketing is to target people when they are actively looking to address a particular problem.

This is where you’ll step in with your targeted ad!

30 seconds Rule

You don't pay until 30 sec.

Another best thing about YouTube is that it works on the 30-Second Rule!

Wondering what’s that?

YouTube lets you display your ad for free if the user presses the Skip button before it hits the 30-second mark!

So, it’s like promoting yourself for free, if they don’t end up buying what you present.

This is the reason why the Cost Per Lead on YouTube is the lowest!

YES, LET ME IN! I’m Ready to Start Right Now.


Even though

Once upon a time on the Marketing World…

Prices of Google Ads 10+ years ago and Facebook 5+ years ago
was extremely cheap and the ads were effecient most of the time.

Same thing with e-mail and blogging.

“Too bad that will never happen again.”



YouTube ran a study and found that 68% of people between
the age of 18-48 use YouTube to help make purchasing decisions.

But how many businesses actually take advantage of this
and advertise on YouTube?

Just 9%

Although YouTube has been around for a few years,
its advertising is only now starting to hit its stride.

What this means?

Youtube is literally a Blue Ocean.


Bulletproof method that will take you from SCRATCH to SCALE 


Module 1: Pre-Campaign
Everything you need to start
You’ll learn how to create a killer video designed to get you high converting, targeting clicks you can send anywhere you want)

Module 2: Setup Google Ads

Understand the dashboard
You’ll learn how to implement a simple, yet highly important part of this system – Conversion Tracking.

Module 3: Types of Videos
Which one gives you the best performance
The A to Z system for setting up your video ad campaign,
even if it’s your first time.

Module 4: Perfect Target
How to get perfect customers
We’ll show you how to hijack any video you want, 
even if it’s your competition.

Module 5: Video Creation
How to make your winner video ad
You’ll learn the secret to being able to spend millions on traffic.
It’s called optimization.

Module 6: The Youtube Ad
Start making a profit!

PLUS –  Retargeting and Scale Secrets
All the tips to skyrocket your ads
Optimization formula regularly produces results within a matter of days after launching a brand new campaign.

Biteplay Advertiser Community

Join Our Bustling Community of YouTube Advertisers

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Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same issues as you. Some of them will be past the learner’s stage, while others will be going through the basics.
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Spy on Your Competitors (Chrome Extension)

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Get valuable insights from other people ads. 
This extension will give you power to get all the data from your competitors.
Know the view count, date of publication, channels and more. 
100% automatic. Save the list of the ads that you are seeing on Youtube.


YES, LET ME IN! I’m Ready to Start Right Now.



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What we show you is not basic tactics that noobs can use – although if you’re a noob, you’ll double your Youtube advertising skills.

And if you’re an advanced marketer or entrepreneur, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your Youtube campaigns to another level in terms of results.

Forgot about noobs vs. advanced – this is a system that works for anyone, period.

Not necessarily, you can place a banner in front of the videos, but we strongly recommend using videos for better performance.

You can create videos using your smartphone or simply make your own videos inside Biteplay. What matters most is the quality of the targeting, not the video.

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