Video Marketing Benefits: Amazing Tips & Ideas!

Video Marketing Benefits

“Video Marketing Benefits Are Your Ultimate Solution!”

__ Biteplay

Lockdowns, coronavirus, and boredom!

Hmm, what can you do to expand your business and entertain your customers? 🧐

After these big changes in our world, many people are afraid of content marketing’s downfall, are one of them!?

Well, wonder no more!

Biteplay has excellent news for you! Content marketing including videos is still on the throne these days!

Video Marketing Benefits

Moreover, we are going to help you take advantage of video marketing benefits; one of the best parts of content marketing.

Before we start, let me tell you a short story about video marketing benefits:

I filled my website with high-quality content but didn’t get enough conversions or sales!

Can you guess what the reason behind that was?

You are correct! I ignored video marketing benefits! 😂

As per stats, 63% of businesses started taking advantage of video marketing benefits.

Out of which, 82% of businesses feel that obtaining video marketing benefits is essential to their strategy.

And those businesses are right!

video marketing benefits

Indeed, focusing on video marketing benefits is one of the best ways to promote your services or products.

With the help of creative, viral, short videos, you can take advantage of video marketing benefits to deliver your message in such an easy way.

Moreover, some data shows that focusing on video marketing benefits can help you reach your targeted audience.


Because we all tend to watch a two-minute video instead of reading the same information when possible!

Video marketing benefits are more evident now, right?

video marketing

Anyways, you can get video marketing benefits for all aspects of your business and give it a boost.

If you are not using video marketing benefits to improve your sales, this is time to start and skyrocket your results, isn’t it?

I know you may have doubts, and that is ok, as using videos needs more effort, time, and money.

However, let me tell you that video marketing benefits deserve all that! 😉

If you don’t know all the video marketing benefits, don’t worry, since Biteplay is here to give a hand and get what you need.

But First, We Have to Know:

What Video Marketing Is!

The definition of video marketing is not that complex.



It is effortless: using a video to market your brand, products, or services. 

Easy, right?

A strong marketing campaign should include videos.

Customer testimonials, videos from live events, explainer videos, training videos, viral videos, and the list goes on.

Video is no longer just one piece of your marketing plan. 

It should be central to your outreach and campaign efforts, especially your social strategy.

Now, Are You Excited to Know About Video Marketing Benefits?

I am excited to tell you about them as well!

1) Videos Catch The Viewer’s Eye:  


Video content attracts more attention than any other form of content. 

As written content may make the customer feel bored sometimes, videos use this weak point!

How competitive this kind of content can be!

So, why not!

Make your content catchier to get it consumed, not ignored.

2) Videos Build More Trust:

Here is a secret, if there is no trust, there won’t be any conversions or sales.

For this reason, building trust should be your first goal!


The idea of content marketing depends on trust and creating long-term relationships with your customers. 

Remember, it is not just about selling.

Make people come to you by providing them with exciting and useful information.

Promotional videos can build bonds of trust, as well. 

Some customers may still be doubtful about buying products and services on the internet.

They fear fraud and cheating!

But useful marketing videos can show your products in a conversational way.

3) Videos Help You Get Your Brand Noticed:

You can improve your brand awareness and place your business at the top using video marketing benefits. 


Put yourself as a thought leader or tell your brand’s story using short and related video content.

And here you have an extra great Video Marketing Benefit!

4) Video Marketing Benefits & Lead Generation:

Fact: Videos are more useful at generating leads than blog posts.

lead generation

Ok, go ahead!

But be aware, using video to get more leads for your business needs more than publishing videos. 

You have to build engaging videos that inspire people to press play and keep watching until the end.

5) Videos Are The Easiest Way to Explain:

You have a service or a product to promote, come on, create a great video to show how it works!


Many people like to watch an explainer video to know more about a product or service.

For example, if the product is complex, you choose to view it while someone explains it.

Training videos are a great way of teaching people and giving them an enjoyable experience.

Imagine how useful your videos will be!

6) Videos Engage Even Laziest Customers:


We know that a video is an excellent tool for learning, but it’s also super easy to use!

How vast are video marketing benefits?

Most people now don’t have time to read long product descriptions.

Modern ones want to see the product in action.

So, give them what they want to get the result you need!

7) Videos Are a Traffic-Generating Machine:

Video Marketing Benefits

Videos will keep people on your page for a longer time, and yes, we want this!

People are likely to visit your website by watching a video on YouTube or other social media channels.

So, the more video content you have, the more traffic you can bring to your pages.

This way, you will improve your overall Ranking Score!

How Awesome! 😍

8) Video Marketing Benefits Encourage Social Shares:

Let’s face it: this is the age of viral videos!

Video users share videos with others. 

video marketing benefits

This one may be the most crucial one from video marketing benefits.

It is your chance to have some fun and show what your company is all about. 

You can also use humor to let your business shine and encourage your customer’s fingers to press the share button every single time.

“Humor, where appropriate, is a great addition to your video… so embrace the personality of your product, and let it shine through!”-

__ Adam Hayes.

9) Video Marketing Benefits & SEO:

SEO and video marketing benefits

Video content on your website grows the time visitors spend on your site, as we said.

Let us gain search engines’ trust!

Make people spend a long time on your website and provide them with high-quality video content.

Since Google owns YouTube, that grows the effect video web content has on your search engine ranking.

You won’t leave without getting some tips that can help too:

  • Optimize your video content on YouTube for SEO.
  • Make your titles and descriptions accurate and catchy.
  • Add links back to your site.
  • Add any necessary information your audience should know about your products or services.

See? Video marketing benefits are fantastic!

10) Video Marketing Benefits Revenue:


Some companies like to make their videos fee-based.

This way, they will have more revenue if they present them properly. 

Even businesses with free video content can expect a hike in revenue due to the Video marketing benefits listed above.

11) Using Video Video Marketing Benefits Shows That You Are Up-To-Date:

Video marketing is a modern way of promoting your business.

Customers like businesses that are up-to-date because it means they’re still relevant. 

Plus, the video doesn’t even have to be conventional these days.

video marketing benefits

With new technologies like live video, the “stories” on Facebook and Instagram, video filters, you have many options.

Don’t hesitate, use them!

12) You Work Smarter, Not Harder:

work smarter not harder

Now we know that people prefer to watch, not read.

This means that video is more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles and other forms of content.

Here is the most significant Video Marketing Benefit!

Using them is much more powerful than a lengthy write-up. 

Video marketers say video helped increase customer understanding of their service or product. 

13) Videos Marketing Benefits & Email Campaigns:

If you are creating videos already, make sure to include them in your email marketing campaigns!

video marketing benefits

An initial email that has a video gets an increased click-through rate by 96%! 

Are you surprised?

That is a great way to stand out from the competition and deliver your message.

No, That’s Not Everything!

Video Marketing Benefits Are Much More Than This!

  • Video is a handy content format that gives us a real-life picture of what is going on.
  • It’s also easy to share across platforms. 
  • Customers like it because it’s easy to understand, fun, and engaging.
  •  Marketers like it because it can give a massive return on investment through many channels.
  • Video is available to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce. 

But let me tell you something, you can’t benefit from anything if you are not using it the right way, and this also goes for video marketing benefits.

It would help if you had a planned strategy for using videos in your new campaign.

video marketing benefits and plans

Don’t worry!

We are still here to give you some secrets and help you run your digital marketing campaign success with video marketing.

1) Make Short And High-Quality Videos:


People don’t have time to read, so they won’t have time to watch a very long video as well.

Try to give the best information in the shortest possible time.

2) The Content of The Video Must Be Relevant And Simple:

I know that we have said this many times 😂, but it is vital to do.

Unrelated Videos will be ignored!

Your customers will say,” what a waste of time.”

Never give them the chance to say this and give them what is related to their needs.

3) Videos Should Be Informative, Not Promotional:


When you want to build a good rapport with your customers, you should make them feel that you are not just selling.

They want to get the value of your content as well.

4) Include Calls-to-Action on a Video:

One of the last steps to include in any video is the call to action.

This is where you close the deal and help your viewer to do something. 


It’s like a handshake with the viewer. 

5) Video Marketing Benefits for Search:

You can do this by adding a good description and proper keywords in the title of your video.

6) Create a Home Page of Your Website With a Video Instead of More Images:

Why not?

That will be catchy!

When you do this, you will get one of the most significant Video marketing benefits (Catch the viewers eye!).

7) The Target Audience Must Be Chosen Wisely:


Why waste your time and effort with the wrong audience?

You need to pick your targeted audience carefully before you take any step.

8) You Must Give The Message in The Videos to Subscribe Channel, Follow, Share, And Comment on The Videos:

You should never forget to push your audience into taking these simple actions before they close your video.

9) Collaborate With Other Brands And Influencers:

Social influencers have great power and relationships with their audience.

Therefore, you will get an extra benefit if you use this point.

Final Thoughts About Video Marketing Benefits:

video marketing benefits

Ok, there you have some surprising video marketing benefits for combining videos into your marketing activities!

Learn how to create incredible videos, titles, and hashtags if you’re interested in digital marketing careers.

You can take the first step and start adding videos to boost your business.

Follow the latest trends to make your customers feel that you are in touch with them and with changes.

People like to feel that you are always ready to develop and give them what they want.

Don’t miss the chance; take advantage of all the features we mentioned to give an outstanding job.

Moreover, remember, creativity, it has always been about creativity!

video marketing benefits

Go And Start Your Journey Right Now With Video Marketing Benefits!

Please Contact Biteplay For Any Help! 😉

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