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Learn How To Use Biteplay At Full Potential

You just need 1 simple video to change your business forever.

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Create EASY ads that bring in more sales
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Laser Target

Find hundreds or even thousands of relevant ad supported videos to put your offer in front.

Topic Tracker

Understand how your keywords are performing by daily basis with powerful stats

Find The Right Keywords

Get the exact keywords that your audience is actually searching.

Find Viral Videos

Get tons of qualified traffic by placing your offer in front of trending videos

Influencer Outreach

Access and get the contact of the most highly related creators in your niche.

Video Maker

No Videos? No Problem!
Our partner provides more than 300 million assets to make your stunning video.

YouTube Ads Crash Course

We legit wouldn’t offer this program if I didn’t think you can make more money back from it than what you paid for – as long as you put in the work, of course.

$ 299 Bonus Value

⚡ Module 1: Pre-Campaign
Everything you need to start
You’ll learn how to create a killer video designed to get you high converting, targeting clicks you can send anywhere you want

⚡ Module 2: Setup Google Ads

Understand the dashboard
You’ll learn how to implement a simple, yet highly important part of this system – Conversion Tracking.

⚡ Module 3: Types of Videos
Which one gives you the best performance
The A to Z system for setting up your video ad campaign,
even if it’s your first time.

⚡ Module 4: Perfect Target
How to get perfect customers
We’ll show you how to hijack any video you want, 
even if it’s your competition.

⚡ Module 5: Video Creation
How to make your winner video ad
You’ll learn the secret to being able to spend millions on traffic.
It’s called optimization.

⚡ Module 6: The Youtube Ad
Start making a profit from day 1!

🔥 PLUS –  Retargeting and Scale Secrets
All the tips to skyrocket your ads
Optimization formula regularly produces results within a matter of days after launching a brand new campaign.

🚀Bonus- Influencer Outreach Masterclass

We call it “No Video Method”. Why? Because you just need to reach the right influencers that have a loyal fanbase and they will do all the hard work for you! 

Biteplay Advertiser Community

Join Our Bustling Community of YouTube Advertisers

$ 99 Bonus Value

Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same issues as you.
Some of them will be past the learner’s stage, while others will be going through the basics. Once you come on board with us, you’ll immediately gain access to our bustling YouTube Advertising Community.  Once you are with us, you have a place where you can turn to if you have any questions.

YouTube Ads Million Dollar Script Templates Blueprint

$ 99 Bonus Value

You’ll find templates to basically fill the blank spaces with these templates that will convert your offers like crazy! Get the blueprint of the million dollar YouTube ad scripts:
3 Step Formula | The Hero Template |  Shiny Gem Template | The Joker Ensues
Scarcity Issues | The Harmon Brothers Template | Remarketing Ads.
Also you’ll get more than +50 YouTube Advertising videos as examples by some easy made videos that everyone can record even if all you have is a smartphone on your hands. 

+150 On Your Balance

Free Google Ads Credit*

Claim advertising budget when you redeem. Match the amount you spend up to $150.
Google will give you money just to test and see their power. It’s only for new ellegible acc*
Just create an account, set your budget, write your first ad, and decide where you would like it to appear. You can always fine-tune it later on.

Video Editor Integration

+ Free Wave.video Account

Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same issues as you. Some of them will be past the learner’s stage, while others will be going through the basics. Once you come on board with us, you’ll immediately gain access to our bustling YouTube Advertising Community.  Once you are with us, you have a place where you can turn to if you have any questions.

The One Video Method


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$ 299 VALUE


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100% Money Back - No Questions

We know that making up your mind is hard, especially if it’s about something new!
Well, for starters, we really need you to have the first mover’s advantage.
For that, we are ready to bear all the risk!

If you have any doubts about how things work after you start, you don’t have to stick with it! You can let go within the first 15 days of your purchase. Buy Biteplay now, and use it risk-free. No questions asked.

Ready to Level-Up Your Marketing Game?


Or, switch to a monthly subscription


None and all of them, at the same time.

What we show you is not basic tactics that noobs can use – although if you’re a noob, you’ll double your Youtube advertising skills.

And if you’re an advanced marketer or entrepreneur, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your Youtube campaigns to another level in terms of results.

Forgot about noobs vs. advanced – this is a system that works for anyone, period.

First of all: if you don’t see any value you can ask for a full refund until 15 days of use, no questions asked.

But a refund isn’t good for anyone, because you want to get results – not your money back… and we want to get happy costumers.

That’s why you’ll have access to our Facebook Group and priority support as well.
(We’re a small team of founders, not a big tech bureaucratic company with tons of departments.

So, the communication will be really close to us to solve any problem and take all your doubts way.

It depends on how fast you want to go business.

We’d recommend you first learn a little bit about how Youtube works in our training course, and then start to make your campaigns.

In general, this process could take 1 or 2 weeks (max) if you have zero experience.

This is a good question! 
If you have any type of offer to sell online or offline, you need to get traffic, right?
Combine the amount of traffic that Youtube has with Biteplay and you’ll be able to reach your ideal customers really fast. 
Let’s suppose that you want to sell a dog training course, for instance. 

The users that are watching Youtube videos about dog training will have 500% more chances to take action if the ads before that video are related to it.

With Biteplay you can and reach your target audience with contextual ads. 
Our app will extract the exact monetized (ad-supported) videos that your audience is already watching and then you can put your offer in front of this content
(or even on your competitor content).

PS: It is keyword-based researches and works in any niche.

Not necessarily, you can place a banner in front of the videos, but we strongly recommend using videos for better performance.

You can create videos using your smartphone or simply make your own videos inside Biteplay. What matters most is the quality of the targeting, not the video.

At this moment we can’t provide the videos, but don’t worry… 

Inside Biteplay you can access our video maker partner wave.video, so you’ll be able to create your own professional videos and access to millions of footages and templates, so you can make an amazing video without being on camera.

Also, we gonna provide you the script templates.

We have 45 countries in our database.
See if your country is included:

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

No, because Biteplay is cloud based. That means you can use it on any device, including mobile, whenever you want, anywhere.

​Of course! You have a 15-day guarantee and we’ll refund you 100% of your money if Biteplay isn’t right for you.​

​Your payment information is 100% secure with the payment processing system we use. Your information is encrypted and completely secure.​

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