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You Came to See Results, Right?

I know you came here to see some social evidence, so here is some proof of our results:

Youtube ads targeting results

Imagine that! your business appeared to over 214 million people
How does it impact your business?

insanely cheap conversions

Ridiculously cheap conversions!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you:
these campaigns are for an extremely competitive niche.

YouTube is way better than Facebook these days!

Believe Jared, YouTube is way better than Facebook these days!

Really? You're still not convinced!?

Ok, here are some more reasons.

U$ 100 for you to test!

U$ 100 for you to test!

Google ads coupon*
Once you sign up for the platform, you will receive a $100 Google coupon to test your ads.
Available for new accounts only and the value can be changed depending on your country.

Biteplay Advertiser Community

Biteplay Advertiser Community

Once you board with us, you’ll have immediate access to our YouTube advertising community.
When you are with us, you will have a place
to look for if you have any questions.

15 Day Guarantee, No Risks

15 Day Guarantee, No Risks

We know that deciding is hard,
especially if it’s about something new.
So we are ready to take all the risks!
Get Biteplay now and use it for the next
14 days risk-free.

Got any questions on this?
Get your answers…

None and all of them, at the same time.

What we show you is not basic tactics that noobs can use – although if you’re a noob, you’ll double your Youtube advertising skills.

And if you’re an advanced marketer or entrepreneur, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your Youtube campaigns to another level in terms of results.

Forgot about noobs vs. advanced – this is a system that works for anyone, period.

First of all: if you don’t see any value you can ask for a full refund until 15 days of use, no questions asked.

But a refund isn’t good for anyone, because you want to get results – not your money back… and we want to get happy costumers.

That’s why you’ll have access to our Facebook Group and priority support as well.
(We’re a small team of founders, not a big tech bureaucratic company with tons of departments.

So, the communication will be really close to us to solve any problem and take all your doubts way.

It depends on how fast you want to go business.

We’d recommend you first learn a little bit about how Youtube works in our training course, and then start to make your campaigns.

In general, this process could take 1 or 2 weeks (max) if you have zero experience.

This is a good question! 
If you have any type of offer to sell online or offline, you need to get traffic, right?
Combine the amount of traffic that Youtube has with Biteplay and you’ll be able to reach your ideal customers really fast. 
Let’s suppose that you want to sell a dog training course, for instance. 

The users that are watching Youtube videos about dog training will have 500% more chances to take action if the ads before that video are related to it.

With Biteplay you can and reach your target audience with contextual ads. 
Our app will extract the exact monetized (ad-supported) videos that your audience is already watching and then you can put your offer in front of this content
(or even on your competitor content).

PS: It is keyword-based researches and works in any niche.

Not necessarily, you can place a banner in front of the videos, but we strongly recommend using videos for better performance.

You can create videos using your smartphone or simply make your own videos inside Biteplay. What matters most is the quality of the targeting, not the video.

At this moment we can’t provide the videos, but don’t worry… 

Inside Biteplay you can access our video maker partner, so you’ll be able to create your own professional videos and access to millions of footages and templates, so you can make an amazing video without being on camera.

Also, we gonna provide you the script templates.

We have 45 countries in our database.
See if your country is included:

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Sure!  Just click here and enjoy 7 day free.

No, because Biteplay is cloud based. That means you can use it on any device, including mobile, whenever you want, anywhere.

​Of course! You have a 15-day guarantee and we’ll refund you 100% of your money if Biteplay isn’t right for you.​

​Your payment information is 100% secure with the payment processing system we use. Your information is encrypted and completely secure.​

Let’s talk! Just email us
We will reply as soon as possible 🙂

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