Pre-Roll Ads on YouTube 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that more than 1.5 billion logged-in users hit YouTube monthly? 😵

Hey hey! 😃 Our new title is Pre-Roll Ads which we can define it by several key indicators:

The 5-second countdown at the right-hand side of the video, after the point that you’ll be able to skip the ad.

Also, it is the Call-to-Action button on the left-hand side of the video. 😃

Today, you & BitePlay will talk about some of the most vital digital marketing opportunities: YouTube Pre-Roll advertising. 🥰

So, let’s fall in and take a precise look at what they are and how you can start using them for your business!

Why You Should Use YouTube Pre-Roll Ads for Advertising?

YouTube Pre Roll Advertising

You might be asking yourself why this type of ads is so powerful! 🤔

It comes down to the excellent ability Google gives advertisers to target the right people at the right time.

It also considers these five statistics:

  1. Communication Effectiveness: Viewers understand 90% of a message when they see it in a video, unlike reading it in text with 10% understanding.
  • Buying Decision: 52% of buyers say that watching product videos makes them more trusting in online purchase decisions.
  • Video Advertising Trends: Video Ad was the fastest developing form of ad format in 2012.
  • Conversion Rates: Animated explainer videos raise conversion rates by 20%.
  • Decision Makers: 59% of managers choose video over text, as we said first.

Returning to the main reason: You go to see a video on YouTube, and suddenly here’s an ad.

You can’t hit “Skip Ad” before you watch for five seconds. 😥

YouTube Pre Roll Ads

You’ve probably experienced that.

They call it in-stream advertising Pre-Roll Ads.

Let’s get more deeper and talk about Pre-Roll Ads details:

Types Of Pre-Roll Ads:

Types of Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-Roll Ads Have three main types:

Skippable ads: Are between 6 and 20 seconds long.

Viewers must watch just the first five seconds before they click “Skip Ad” and go to the video they came to see.

Non-Skippable ads: These ads are 15 to 20 seconds long.

Bumper ads Are six-second videos that viewers must watch before they can enter the video.

Bumper Ads

Skippable & Non-Skippable Ads are on Cost-Per-View model compared to Bumper Ads which are on Cost-Per-1000-View model.

Skippable Ads vs Non-Skippable Ads:

Skippable Ads vs Non-Skippable Ads

In a session of skippable vs. non-skippable:

Skippable: In a skippable video ad, viewers have the choice to skip the ad after the opening 5 seconds.

After viewing a skippable ad, it will increase the YouTube view count at the 30 seconds mark or when the ad has been wholly watched (experts must make it at least 12 seconds long to increment view counts).

Non-skippable: non-skippable ads can be 15 seconds maximum, and viewers don’t have the choice to skip the ad (because it’s not able to skip haha simple!).

Note that non-skippable video ads do not raise the viewers’ number.

What works for an ad campaign or one brand may not work for another, so always decide based on your content and goal, because there is no universal ad placement or standard format.

How Does a YouTube Pre Roll Ad Work?

(The Power Of Pre-Roll Ads)

Pre-Roll Ads

Let’s understand Pre-Roll Ads with a quick example:

Maybe I manage a real estate company, and we have some new apartments available in Canada.

With a YouTube Pre-Roll Ad, you also can target users based on their new Google searches.

So, if somebody was searching for new places in Canada earlier, I could run ads to that person on YouTube later (despite what videos they are watching) with an advertisement of our company.

See how powerful this could be?

Pretty powerful stuff, right!? 😉

The Art Of YouTube Pre-Roll Ads:

The Art of YouTube Pre Roll Ads

While many people say these ads can be disturbing, Pre-Roll Ads help users increase their knowledge of new services or products.

Using a Pre-Roll Ad is effective because running the ad before relevant content keeps users engaging and gives them a higher chance of watching.

They’re considered less annoying than Mid-Roll ads.

Mid-Roll and Outstream Ads annoy people more.

Mid-Roll ads are automatically placed at regular breaks in your videos to adjust viewer experience and monetization potential for you and it’s up to 60 seconds and could be longer.

For example, you cannot place a Mid-Roll ad in a meditation session because it’s unsuitable for that type of video.

With a Pre-Roll video, you’re not disrupting the user; you’re only stopping them by some few seconds.

Even if a watcher skips your ad after 5 seconds, they’ve already been exposed to your product, so awareness can still expand.

The Relation Between YouTube Policy & Mid-Roll Ads Placement:

YouTube Ads

YouTube’s policy is advanced machine learning technology looks over a massive number of videos and learns to recognize the best places for Mid-Roll Ads.

Mid-Roll ad placement is done by estimating factors like natural visual or audio breaks.

User studies show that automatically set Mid-Roll ads are two times less interruptive than manually set Mid-Roll ads.

How Much Do Pre-Roll Ads Cost to Advertise on YouTube?

YouTube Ads Costs

As we talk before in our blogs, there is no minimum cost you must pay when you advertise on YouTube.

First, it’s necessary to mark when you have to pay for your ad.

If someone views the whole ad or clicks on it, you will pay for that action so, you’re going to spend on a cost-per-view scale.

Whether you pay for clicks or views is dependent on the type of ad you make.

So, how much do YouTube ads require when someone clicks on your ad?

YouTube video ads can cost wherever from $0.10 to $0.30 per click.

This cost will differ depending upon your target audience, your video quality, and your campaign goals.

The cost you spend on a campaign will depend upon the daily budget you established for your campaign, and it increases as companies learn more about their campaign’s performance.

YouTube Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

The fact is that a massive amount of YouTube users are disturbed by the ad roles.

But what can replace a usual standard as a more helpful alternative?

Our solution is: Influencer marketing and works immediately with bloggers and channels.

Although it’s not an easy strategy to manage, it is one of the best chances to reach the target audience with related content.

How does this collaboration work?

There are five types of product offerings by a YouTube blogger, and we highly suggest you use them in addition to traditional marketing instruments.

Product Review:

Modern buyers are usually choosing new devices with the help of YouTube displays and unboxings.

A blogger explains the product with more about its advantages and less about its disadvantages.

It presents in a familiar style for the channel audience.

Moreover, local communication looks more exciting and truthful than photo reviews.

Video clip:

This format has great potential: It involves the passive audience and increases brand awareness.

The blogger is involved in the video automatically and becomes a brand representative if the video clip is correct.

It would be best if you kept in mind that video clips are limited not only by the format itself but also by the dramatic and vocal skills of the blogger.

And you should know that preparing and shooting a high-quality video clip can take some time and needs careful preparation, enough budget, and lots of additional sources like production, text, and music writing.


It is the most useful for companies that need direct mentions of a brand name or a product.

Also, it increases brand awareness and audience loyalty when the sponsorship is integrated with a theme of a clip or podcast.


The blogger takes a few minutes in his usual video and publishes discounts, notices, and other brand marketing projects.

It can be made by the preferred company or by the blogger himself and looks like a well-integrated pre-, mid-, or post-roll.

Product placement:

The blogger uses your product within a video without naming the brand or mentioning that the video. (Despite the sponsorship of your product).

This is the most sensible and modest version of an influencer collaboration.

Such indirect promotion is frequently used in cinema and TV shows.

Influencer Marketing

As you see, YouTube influencer marketing is very different from the good old pre-roll marketing.

But traditional ways have at least one advantage: if you’re an advertiser or an experienced vlogger, you know exactly how it works.

How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost In 2021 With Pre-Roll Ads?

YouTube Influencer Marketing

It’s essential to understand how different pricing options can affect the return on investment (ROI).

The 4 Ways to Pay an Influencer:

1. Direct:

Some influencers are glad to arrange directly with brands.

However, the most significant influencers (micro-influencers) are often represented by experts (e.g., networks, managers, talent agencies) who control their business connections.

2. Agency:

A qualified influencer marketing agency can deal with any influencer.

Moreover, many agencies have actual relationships and adjusted rates with high-profile showing influencers that may be difficult to reach.

3. Multi-Channel networks (MCNs):

Multi-channel networks represent a list of select influencers available for collaboration with brands.

MCNs only work with influencers inside their network (limited influencer options) and may require media taxes in addition to their intermediary service fees.

4. Platform:

Similar to MCNs, influencer marketing platforms are also limited to influencers enrolled on a specific software platform.

Platforms require monthly subscription fees (in the range of $1,000s per month) just for access or take a percentage of each campaign performed through the platform.

The 6 Influencer Marketing Pricing Methods:

YouTube Influencer Marketing
Vector Set Of Different People On Internet Videos
  1. Pay-Per-Post:

The most common way to pay for influencer marketing campaigns is through (PPP) type.

PPP protocols allow brands to pay influencers (or their management company) a low fee for a single post or a set of posts.

2. Pay-Per-Campaign:

Another way to pay for influencer marketing is through a flat campaign fee.

Agencies typically work through a pay-per-campaign model, while MCNs sometimes select the pricing plan.

3. Pay-Per-Click:

When an influencer is charged each time a user/follower “ticks” on a link named by the brand, this example is pay per click (PPC), or cost per click (CPC) models.

CPC models are primarily used in connection with an affiliate marketing program.

4. Pay-Per-Acquisition:

Most often applied to as cost-per-acquisition (CPA), brands administer payment when an influencer’s attempts result in a new customer.

The title “customer” can be defined as an individual who buys a service or product, signs up for a newsletter, downloads an app, or takes some other type of action.


Most often linked with influencer marketing platforms, brands are charged subscription fees for entrance to online influencer marketing solutions.


Influencers are sometimes compensated with products, services, travel, or other experiences (i.e., dinners, events, etc.).

This payment method is often limited to micro-influencers.

How to Target Your Audience with YouTube Pre-Roll Ads?

YouTube Pre Roll Ads

Here are five tips to create Pre-Roll Ads that your audience won’t skip:

  1. Keep it Short: Insert the first five seconds.

The key to creating a genuinely helpful pre-roll ad is to catch your landscape in those first 5 seconds and then only take the spare time you need to get a brief message across.

  • Keep it Clear: The purpose of your ad should be clear and short so; you have five seconds to persuade someone to keep watching.
  • Keep it Good: Product quality is essential when you are trying with someone to keep viewing your ads.

Not only does this help keep your skip rates down, but higher quality ads relate to brand confidence in a customer’s mind.

  • Keep it Targeted:

Just like any video advertising campaign, you can and must be as careful when it comes to creating your Pre-Roll ads on YouTube.

  • Demographics: Based on age, gender, location of the user, etc.
  • Topics: Based on the subject of the top video.
  • Interests: Based on what the user’s interesting in despite the video’s topic.

With that previous information, you can target your audience and get your campaign high results.

Keep it Activated: Don’t forget that the primary goal of advertising which is to get people to react to something you made.

It’s great to be funny or interesting when the time is right, but imagine by the end of your ad, it’s not apparent what the viewer should do next, then you may waste your whole effort.

The Call-To-Action button is an excellent choice for your product or service to make your audience interact.

But don’t forget that BitePlay provides you with some great features for targeting and keywords:

For Video Search:

Step 1: Go to BitePlay video search.

Step2: Search for your videos:

Step3: Select your videos:

Step4: Perform your required action (For example, Get URLs):

For Keywords:

Step1: Go to the keywords tab:

Step2: Search for your keyword:

Step3: Check the words frequency for example:

Moreover, you can also use BitePlay’s influencers feature, to find influencers on YouTube (since Pre-Roll Ads are important for influencer marketing on YouTube):

Step1: Go to the influencer tab:

Step2: Make your search with a suitable keyword:

Step3: Perform your required action:


Many marketers may reject the idea of pre-roll ads on YouTube, thinking that people will immediately skip them or be disturbed.

When you build your campaign correctly and structure your ads to make people want to keep watching, focusing on getting your information, there can be many advantages from this form of advertising.

It presents opportunities to be more creative.

And as long as YouTube remains the best platform for watching videos and connecting with the world, you can relax and guarantee that you will always reach the right audiences in the individual connection to boost awareness of your brand.

And don’t forget that BitePlay will help you to create your ads successfully and get you in touch with your right audience.


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