Micro-Influencers on YouTube 2021: How to Find Them?

Micro Influencers on Youtube 2021

Micro-Influencers on YouTube to go viral??

Yes, and what’s better to expand your online audience!!

Whether you pay Micro-influencers on YouTube to promote your product or not, Micro-Influencers will help you catch each part of your sales funnels.

Micro-Influencers on YouTube have a good relationship with their audience, who are very engaged and friendly!

And people usually trust what influencers say and which products or brands they promote. 

So Why Not? 😉

Let’s get the benefit of this feature and boost your business with Biteplay!

Who Are Micro-Influencers on YouTube?

Micro-Influencers on YouTube

Micro-Influencers on YouTube are creators that have engaged niche audiences. 

These Micro-influencers on YouTube are relatable and more reachable than celebrity influencers. 

They have a unique relationship with their audience, making it perfect for brands to work with them because they look honest and real.

Micro-Influencers on YouTube are also easier to work with as they are usually excited to partner with brands and make sponsored posts. 

Why Use Micro-Influencer on YouTube 2021 for Marketing?

Why Use Micro-Influencer

Micro-Influencers on YouTube are social media stars who develop and become experts in a topic of interest or niche. 

Over time, more people will notice them and follow them. 

They become Micro-Influencers on YouTube as they build a reputation for their authenticity and subject knowledge. 

In the process, people listen to Micro-Influencers on YouTube and trust their views on that topic. 

Micro-Influencers start to impact the opinions of their followers who are engaged. 

People also look to these Micro-Influencers on YouTube and ask them about relevant products.

Besides this rise in influencers’ value, there has been a rise in online video use too!!

In the early days of the internet, most people didn’t have enough robust devices and internet connections to watch a video. 

But no, nothing lasts forever!

That has quickly changed in recent years!

So, it made sense for marketers to engage in YouTube influencer marketing. 

And now they have one of the biggest online audiences, hosted by people that the viewers trust.

You may be asking yourself, what about other social media platforms?

You can upload a video to most other social media platforms, but they are usually short clips. 

YouTube videos are more extended and more in-depth!

So, they are the best way to describe a product.


How Does YouTube Influencer Marketing Work?

YouTube is the best place ever for influencer marketing!!

It has popular channels and is more stable than most social media platforms. 

It also has good advertising set up so that marketers can build campaigns in many ways.

You will find all types of people and different ages watching YouTube, so you have many people to target!

YouTube is very different from other social media channels in many ways, although Instagram has built IGTV using the same core features. 

With other social media networks, people have posts made by their family, friends, and anybody who interests them.

But YouTube is our giant television! 

You subscribe to some channels and watch videos on them.

However, you can search for videos in other ways and grow your selection of videos you want to watch.

You can compare the ads on YouTube videos to paid ones on traditional television. 

Brands pay to particular channels to show their Ads.

YouTube influencer marketing is more like brands making informal deals with television channels to promote products. 

Brands don’t have to pay their money for promotion directly to YouTube with influencer marketing. 

In return, YouTube won’t give the systems and behind-the-scenes assistance with formal YouTube advertising. 

But YouTube is still not separated from the other social networks in one sense. 

The fans and followers want the influencers to stay honest and trustworthy. 

They should put up some brand promotions where it’s useful to them; that is why unboxing videos perform so well! 

People will be so interested in what you will get inside the bright cardboard box and whether it worth the money.

How to Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube?

How to find?

That’s an easy mission to do!!

It’s just about some simple steps to follow!

Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube Step #1: Watch Some Videos, No, Lots of Them:

Seeking Micro-Influencers on YouTube that fit your brand needs watching some videos!

Who knew?

If you don’t look for the right Micro-Influencer carefully, you may end up with the wrong one for your brand!

Biteplay has a surprise!

Biteplay is the only platform that allows marketers to outreach Influencer by videos, not only by creator’s topics or names with its Inventory and influencer search!

Micro-influencers on YouTube 2021

Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube Step#2:  Look for Channels With 10K-50K Followers:

Influencers in this range are the most open to brand partnerships as they are building their channel. 

Channels with this size audience will have more engaged viewers, leading to a better sales chance for your brand.

You can also use Biteplay’s Inventory and Influencer search!!

Micro-influencers on YouTube

Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube Step#3: Be Prepared to Pay the Creator With More Than Just the Product Itself:

Unlike Instagram, YouTube videos take more effort and time to make.

Most Micro-Influencers on YouTube don’t have a team that helps them filming, editing, and uploading videos. 

If you didn’t offer the product for free or any other payment for the video, you may not find Micro-Influencers on YouTube that fit your needs.

Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube Step#4: Give Micro-Influencers Freedom with Their Posting:

No, don’t give Micro-Influencers A specific script for the product!

It’s not a weather forecast!

Let Micro-Influencers on YouTube have their freedom to create content that fits.

Please make this a collaborative project with Micro-influencers and ensure that they understand the video’s vision. 

When Micro-Influencers on YouTube introduce the product in an organic way, viewers will also be more trusting and receptive.

How to Avoid the Five Most Common Pitfalls When Working with Micro-Influencers on YouTube:


One of the most common traps is using an influencer as a celebrity endorser.

Both influencers and celebrities are powerful for improving brand associations and moving products, but they are fundamentally different.

Micro-Influencers on YouTube power depends on their relationship with their audience!

If you take Micro-Influencers on YouTube out of their context and community, you will lose a lot of their significance!

The point of working with Micro-Influencers on YouTube is getting access to their unusual relationship with their followers. 

If you use Micro-Influencers on YouTube like you would a celebrity, you will miss delivering a message to the audience who will hear it.

Choose wisely to maximize your ROI.

Other Key Pitfalls Include:

  • Asking Micro-Influencers on YouTube to focus on too many talking points will pull them away from the main point you want to deliver to the viewers.
  • Requiring too many unique words or phrases from Micro-Influencers on YouTube.
  • Having specific time restrictions on the length of the post.
  • Focusing on product features and functions instead of on how the product makes the Influencer’s life better.


How to Track the Success of Your Micro-Influencers Campaign? 

Micro-influencers on YouTube 2021

Do you know that almost 75% of conversions from Micro-Influencers on YouTube are untracked?

Micro-Influencers on YouTube will create brand awareness that can contribute to your brand’s overall success in many ways.

Biteplay doesn’t want you to miss the chance of tracking conversions!

Here are how you can track the success of your deals with Micro-Influencers on YouTube!

1) Create a Tracked Link for the Video’s Description:

Provide Micro-Influencers on YouTube with a tracked link to share it with their subscribers in the description. 

When they mention your brand, they should lead viewers to click on the link in the description. 

This tracked link will help you see what new visitors do on your site.

2) Share a Promo Code:

Giving Micro-Influencers on YouTube a promo code to share with their viewers achieves two goals:

  • You encourage the viewers to make a purchase.
  • You can track conversions within the use of the coupon.


3) Create a Survey at the End of Checkout:

A quick, one-question survey as part of the checkout process will help you gain some information about your customers. 

You can do this by simply asking:

“How did you hear about us?” 

This can help you decide if your work with Micro-Influencers on YouTube is as successful as you want!

Biteplay is meant to help you!

Micro-influencers on YouTube 2021

Never hesitate to use Biteplay’s inventory and influencer search at any time you need to work with Micro-Influencers on YouTube!

Our inventory will scrape videos that are talking about the unique topic.

For example: Let’s say I’m Apple, and I want to contact all Micro-Influencers talking about the new iPhone 12; I’ll create an inventory with the topic “iPhone 12 review” or “unboxing iPhone”.

Micro-influencers on YouTube 2021

Then, For each video, you can contact them to set some links or do some partnerships.

Micro-influencers on YouTube 2021

You can also track Influencers using our new tracking tool that we’ll release soon!

Final Words:

Working with Micro-Influencers on YouTube can be extremely helpful for any brand!

Whether you are a new company trying to gain recognition or a big brand that wants to humanize itself to potential consumers, Micro-Influencers on YouTube can boost your business. 

When they are still in the “micro” stage, working with an influencer can be amazingly powerful in creating long-lasting relationships with creators as they grow a larger and larger audience.

You can start by seeking Micro-Influencers on YouTube that fit your needs, pay them appropriately, and engage with their audience!

Finally, never forget to always test and measure the success of your campaigns!

Happy YouTube Influencer Marketing! ❤️


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