Learn how to use Youtube ads to leverage your business 👇

Explore the Blue ocean opportunity.

Youtube Ads Vs Others

Did you know that you only pay if someone watches 30 seconds of your video with Youtube ads?

This is very different from Facebook ads, where you pay (and expensive) for impressions only.

The Formula for Maximize Conversions

Biteplay Contextual Targeting

How to find monetized videos for Youtube ads placements: In this video, we’ll share with you why it’s so important to place your ads in front of relevant content.

How To Scritp and Produce your video

How to Create your video?

Unlike what most people think, producing a video for youtube ads doesn’t require Alfred Hitchcock skills or a Hollywood approach.


Youtube Ads ad costs

How Much do Youtube Ads Cost?

We will explain to you how each of them will impact your budget and what is the best bidding strategy for your business.

You may not know it, but YouTube ads are extremely cheap if you compare to other platforms.

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