How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links? Top Tips!

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links

YouTube Affiliate Links to make money on YouTube! 🧐

Yes! It’s a popular, splendid and simple way!

There are several ways to make money with YouTube videos but using YouTube Affiliate Links is the most excellent one.

If you have an ongoing channel on YouTube, that is building subscribers, YouTube ads are great, but you can stand out by using YouTube Affiliate Links too! 😉

Good News: YouTube Affiliate Links are effortless to use!

You  just recommend products through your YouTube videos.

When people click on your YouTube Affiliate Links and buy products from the retailer, you earn a commission from the sales you make. 

There are different affiliate programs in which you can engage; for example, Apple Store and Amazon have affiliate programs to get commissions by promoting their products.

Using YouTube Affiliate Links is pretty simple, and almost everyone on this platform is doing it in one way or another. 

Considering its value, Biteplay will tell you how to make your YouTube Affiliate Links step by step and where to add them too!

Let’s start by the main idea, how to have your YouTube Affiliate Links!?

YouTube Affiliate Links Step #1: Add Associated Website To Your YouTube Channel:

YouTube Affiliate Links

As a first step to add YouTube Affiliate Links, you need to sign in to YouTube and then go to “Creator Studio.” 

Now, go to Channel, Status And Features, and then External Annotations.

Add your website and go for the verification process. 

You may need to add your website to Google Search Console

After this, go to the “Advanced” tab under Channel and add your website as an Associated Website. 

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step # 2:  Get Your YouTube Affiliate Links:

YouTube Affiliate Links

You will first need to know which merchants and products are best to point your audience to. 

Many websites have an “Affiliates” tab at the bottom or top of their website where you will sign up. 

You can also Google “_____ affiliate program.” and see what shows up here.

Many affiliate hubs have tons of products/merchants. 

You can try Amazon, ShareASale, or CJ

After you signed up and approved, you can start building your YouTube Affiliate Links.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Step #3: Cloak Your YouTube Affiliate Links:

YouTube Affiliate Links

Cloaking YouTube Affiliate Links means leading people to a URL on your website, which redirects them elsewhere. 

It’s essential to do this because YouTube video annotations only allow you to use URLs for your associated website; cloaking them will enable you to redirect people to YouTube Affiliate Links!

If you’re using WordPress, use Thirsty Affiliates’ plugin to cloak, manage, and track your YouTube Affiliate Links, but you have to pay Thirsty Affiliates for their add-ons if you need more features. 

The free version is also useful; install the plugin, and you can find the “Affiliate Links” tab on the left of your dashboard. 

Add the link name and destination URL, save it, copy the URL’s cloaked version and add it to your YouTube video annotations.

Here are some instructions if you don’t have a WordPress site!

YouTube Affiliate Links Step #4: Add YouTube Affiliate Links To YouTube Videos:

youtube videos

Edit the YouTube video you want to add YouTube Affiliate Links to. 

Click the Annotations tab and “Add Annotation.” 

Please fill out all the needed info, including when you want that annotation to show; it should appear when you recommend the Affiliate product. 

Near the bottom, add your cloaked YouTube Affiliate Links. 

Apply changes, then watch the video and never forget to examine your link.

You can also add YouTube Affiliate Links to your YouTube video description.

These don’t need to be cloaked, but it will be better to use a URL shortener, so your YouTube Affiliate Links are prettier and shorter.

Now that you know how to create your YouTube Affiliate Links, it’s time to understand where to place them right!

It’s not just about having YouTube Affiliate Links, if you didn’t know where to put them; you may lose all your efforts!

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #1: Video Descriptions: 

video descriptions

We can never underestimate video description power!

Content creators use this part to review the video’s content, state copyright details, combine SEO features, and mention website


YouTubers also use this space to place YouTube Affiliate Links to sponsored content. 

You can do this too; however, copying and pasting YouTube Affiliate Links into your description box is not going to work this simple. 

There are some steps that you should follow to promote YouTube Affiliate Links.

Yes, you guessed! 😊

Find Affiliate programs, and after you are approved, you can start integrating YouTube Affiliate Links within your description box.

Moreover, as we said, never forget to use the link shortener so they don’t appear spammy.

When sharing YouTube Affiliate Links in the video description, create a context following the links with great CTAs

The best kind of CTAs or Call-to-Actions will push people to take the desired course of action. 

So, if you follow your YouTube Affiliate Links with the context in the form of CTAs, you will be amazed by the positive hits you will get!

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #2: Cards:


YouTube has introduced end cards that you can use to redirect your viewers to external platforms or other YouTube videos. 

However, using cards for affiliate plans is not as easy as it looks.

Since the internet is full of irrelevant and spammy content, YouTube has set a high bar for affiliate content. 

YouTube only allows high-quality external sources or addresses that reflect its community guidelines.

If an affiliate source didn’t achieve the standard criterion by YouTube, your video could be removed, and your Channel will be taken down as a disciplinary action. 

Besides, using YouTube Affiliate Links in the content through cards is not accessible to everybody. 

Unfortunately, only such creators who are members of the YouTube Payment Program can benefit from this feature. 

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #3: Comments:


Comments are a great way to communicate with your followers and build up a fan base. 

Although hate from some people always peeps up, comments will always be better for all the benefits it gives to you. 

The most significant benefit is using them to promote your YouTube Affiliate Links.

The comment section gives you the ability to add, delete, or edit comments. 

You can also attach with your subscribers or pin any comment to the top section. 

These features provide you with the ability to promote YouTube Affiliate Links without looking too obvious. 

For example, you can put your YouTube Affiliate Links within the comments and ask your followers to take the necessary action.

Please do so in a natural way! 

As in the video description section, YouTube Affiliate Links without supporting content won’t give positive results. 

It would be best if you made a general discussion that revolves around the affiliate content to leave your viewers asking for suggestions. 

When you’re done, you can post YouTube Affiliate Links, and you are ready to go! 

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #4: Community:


Do you think that it’s over?

Absolutely No!

Here is another place you can use to post YouTube Affiliate Links and build a healthy rapport with your followers.

Here, you can share images, life updates, GIFs, and generate useful polls. 

Since the comments follow this section, you can use this chance to build a long-term relationship based on a reliable connection. 

If you are following the right steps, you can also use this to promote YouTube Affiliate Links. 

Create context, create a sense of importance, and state your YouTube Affiliate Links. 

If you play it right, your followers will click your YouTube Affiliate Links, which will allow you to make a small income.

As of now, YouTube has not limited the use of YouTube Affiliate Links in the Community tab. 

So, anybody with affiliate marketing plans can take advantage of this feature!

Yes, go ahead, be one of them!

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #5: Channel Links:

YouTube Affiliate Links

If you don’t know, you can add more than ten links under the ‘About’ tab. 

You can also use this opportunity to link to your websites, social media profiles, and other landing pages.

However, you need to keep these links related and ensure that they give some benefit to your subscribers. 

If you want up your efforts, you can also use channel trailers and Social media profiles. 

YouTube gives you a space to feature trailers at the top section of their homepage. 

These featured trailers attract attention, so; you can put your YouTube Affiliate Links within the video content or the description box for maximum benefit. 

How To Promote YouTube Affiliate Links #6: YouTube Ads:

We can’t talk about affiliate marketing without mentioning Ads!

You probably can add your YouTube Affiliate Links in your YouTube ads, but you’ll need to use a shorten tracking link like “pretty link” or get your URL and forward it to your YouTube Affiliate Link.

However, it’s probably better to create your landing page that reviews the product or talks about it or your experience with it, send the click there first, and then to your YouTube Affiliate Link.

If you did it right, you’d increase your conversions!

But make sure to do it correctly, since it is accurate and needs some care.

For more information, you can ask Biteplay 😊

Oh, Easy YouTube Affiliate Links!

When you are reading this, Biteplay has given you all the needed information about YouTube Affiliate Links.

It’s like a piece of cake if you follow all the instructions and do things right.

First, do your research and find an affiliate program that meets your needs, get your YouTube Affiliate Links, cloak them, and never forget to shorten them, and finally, insert them in your YouTube videos.

Always try to make your YouTube Affiliate Links transparent!

You don’t want to look obvious, so take your time to choose an appropriate place for YouTube Affiliate Links.

As we always say, stay honest with your followers; people always prefer the human touch, so yes, leave yours here!

For more information, you can read our guide about YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2021. 😃

Happy 2021 with successful promoting for YouTube Affiliate Links From Biteplay! ❤️

YouTube Affiliate Links


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