How To Promote Music on YouTube: Secret Ways!

Promote Music on Youtube

Have You Ever Wondered About How to Promote Music on YouTube!?

So, you finished the music video that you spent hours and hours working on with your team, and you’re happy about the result. 🧐

Sorry to break it to you!

The time for rest has yet to come; you still have to Promote Music on YouTube! 

Although a high-quality music video may always go viral, the chance is slight if you didn’t know how to Promote Music on YouTube.

Do you need help to know how to Promote Music on YouTube?

Please don’t be shy about asking for it!

Biteplay is here to give you the best ways to Promote Music on YouTube and skyrocket your music video. 😉

promote music on youtube

But before giving you our secret tips to Promote Music On YouTube, let’s have a glance at its benefits.

1)  You Build a Strong Fanbase When You Promote Music on YouTube:

promote music on youtube

The more people you can reach out to, the more possible listeners you can gain. 

This one must encourage anyone to Promote Music on YouTube!

What is better than a large fanbase?

By having a strategy that gets your songs into more spaces, you are growing your chances of becoming somebody’s favorite new band.

Ok, that’s a significant benefit we want to gain when we promote Music on YouTube!

But be aware!

It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality, too. 

Reaching a broader audience when you Promote Music on YouTube means you can have your way to morefans and better ones.

These are the people who will react when you need more for a video. 

  • They’ll join your street team in exchange for concert tickets. 
  • They’ll chip in if you’re trying to crowdfund the costs for your new album.
  • And, above all, they’ll get your name out there for you, just because they want to.

How loyal! 😍

2)  You Connect With Other Brands And Musicians When You Promote Music on YouTube:

brands and musicians

How You Promote Music on YouTube helps connect you with your colleagues and form an excellent network of contacts. 

It may sound like intuitive advice, but it is about more than just what you know; it’s also whoyou know.

Even if other musicians don’t do the same sort of music as you, they can still attach you with related artists after you Promote Music on YouTube. 

You may be shocked at what kind of collaborative plans you get involved with as your talents grow and your musical interests develop after you Promote Music on YouTube.

In addition to presenting you to other artists, your fellow musicians can also help you get essential industry people’s attention.

3)  You Can Connect With Record Labels And A&RS When You Promote Music on YouTube:

record labels

Let’s face it: times have changed for the music business since the ’90s and even the early ’00s.

Large record stores are a shadow of what they used to be, record deals are more limited nowadays, and major record labels have given way to the might of indie labels and DIY album releasers.

If one thing continues the same, it is the point of making A&Rs listen to your music.

A&R is “Artists and Repertoire,” but you may know this role by another name: the talent scout. 

A&Rs are often defined as the “guards” of the music industry because their care can lift an emerging act out of uncertainty and into fame.

However, seeking musicians should be careful: landing a CD on an A&R’s desk, or getting them to audit your show, is nowhere near enough. 

If these industry explorers pay attention to what you do, they must find an act that exhibits honesty, professionalism, and the potential to control the music business’s spotlight with ease. 

When you know how to correctly Promote Music on YouTube you maximize your luck at landing a sought-after record deal.

Here are some things you need to know before you Promote Music on YouTube!

How to Promote Music on YouTube #1:  The First Impression Matters:

first impression

When you want to Promote Music on YouTube, having a good plan can be the difference between creating a memorable visual or just failing!

If you have a good plan, you’ve already made your first step!

Sometimes the best moments are unplanned, so always be ready to take those too.

Planning gives you the chance to keep your budget on point and allows you and your team to have new ideas, think out of the box, and get ready to shoot. 

You’ll also want to find a director with the same passion for their videos as you do for your music to well Promote Music on YouTube. 

Being able to talk and share ideas is crucial in the success of creating a music video. 

When people bring their best ideas to the table, I am sure that the work would be more outstanding.

A good idea can always succeed for a small budget, but a weak concept is just a waste of your money!

No one wants to waste his time and money, right?

How to Promote Music on YouTube #2: Don’t Just Promote Music on YouTube 😆, Use Other Socials:

social media

Nothing is better than social media platforms as it can help when you Promote Music on YouTube!

So, don’t forget about your online presence. 

It may seem hard to handle and post on many accounts daily (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). 😕

Still, it’s a need now more than ever, especially if you want to Promote Music on YouTube. 

A carefully created online strategy can permeate as it courses through social media and leads back to you. 

Are you ready for it? 

Here are four key elements to help whip those social media accounts into shape before starting to Promote Music on YouTube.

a) Appearance Makes a Difference:


You only have some seconds to leave an impression, so make it count and
show your fans that you care. 

First, make sure your user photo is clear and use the same image over all of your platforms so that fans can quickly know you. 

Next, take benefit from your bio, so visitors know who you are and what you do. 

You can also include a link in your bio as a great aid when you Promote Music on YouTube.

How useful can this feature be!

When posting photos, never rush, take enough time to edit them; this goes a long way in improving your account’s appearance and professionalism, especially on Instagram.

b) Post Regularly:


Never give your fans the chance to miss you! 

As you drive traffic to your accounts, you want new fans to see that you have new content every day. 

They might be confused if they see long periods of silence between posts. 

So, this is your chance to direct the tale of your online appearance.

Try to stay active on your social media accounts and post at least once a day. 

Do you know what can be the most helpful to Promote Music on YouTube?

Yes, Instagram and Facebook stories!

You can post there as much as you like during the day. 

Stories are a fabulous way to stay on your followers’ minds and build a more personal relationship by allowing them into your daily lives.

c) Always Have a Call to Action:

call to actions

Every post you make is a chance to build extra engagement with your new and old fans. 

They watched your video, and they are now on your Instagram account. 

Now, what to do?

If you need them to subscribe to your mailing list, show them how! 

Set a link or lead them to a link to subscribe. 

Are you trying to pick where you should play your next show? 

Ask your followers and consider their responses.

This one can be very effective when you Promote Music on YouTube.

d) Interact With Your Followers:

how to promote music on youtube

Engagement is everything! 

Are you asking yourself how to engage?

What am I doing here?

  • Never ignore YouTube comments under your video, respond to, and like them. 
  • Always reply to direct messages and comments on Instagram. 
  • Retweet positive comments and mentions you on Twitter. 
  • Always show appreciation; you are more likely to gain and keep a new fan if you do.

How to Promote Music on YouTube #3: You Are Your Story:

promoting music on youtube

In fact: the musical landscape is crowded. 

Wherever you go, there are a lot of brands and artists striving for attention.

So, how you Promote Music on YouTube makes a difference.

Let’s assume you are bringing something genuinely compelling to the table.

Beyond that, it’s all about your story, image, and how it’s all presented. 

It’s crucial to give your story in a way that’s artful and compelling to ensure the success when you Promote Music on YouTube.

Do you think that this is everything?

No, for sure not!

Biteplay never lets you leave without our extra tips! 😉

Here are some useful ones that will Make You Promote Music on YouTube in The Greatest Way!

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 1: Increase Excitement:

music promotion

Don’t wait until the time your video drops to Promote Music on YouTube. 

Share exciting news with your fans weeks before; by doing so, you’ll be setting up a promotional army who are ready to kick the share button once it releases. 

Use each available road to reach them, from extensive social sharing to email blasts. 

Although pre-release strategy changes but reminding fans of the release date many times, it is essential when we Promote Music on YouTube. 

There’s always a good chance a fair number of fans didn’t see your first post or may have forgotten. 

Please remind them!

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 2: Ensure That Your Music Video’s SEO Is On-Point:


If you are using your YouTube channel to Promote Music on YouTube, make sure it’s fully optimized for maximum discoverability. 

How to do this?

Ensure that your video’s Title and Description correspond, tagging, classifying your video correctly, and using an eye-catching yet non-misleading thumbnail. 

What do you remember when we mention SEO?

Yes, keywords, in all of its types!

Never forget to focus on Keywords and use what fits even long-tail ones!

long-tail keywords

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 3: Get to Music Blogs:

youtube music

When it is about reaching out to blogs for any feature, you need to email professionally and keep everything simple. 

Yes, it has always been about simplicity!

Many editors geta lot of emails a day from other artists looking for a feature. 

They don’t want to waste their time reading a pitch. 

So please, be creative, thoughtful, and attract editors. 

First, do some research and ensure you are only getting to blogs that genuinely see posting your content genre.

Here is a piece of advice, never limit yourself to the better-known blogs only. 

Search more and reach out to music blogs that have a small following too. 

Any PR is good P.R. when you Promote Music on YouTube. 

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 4: Send Out a Fan Email Blast:


It is another more accessible way of sharing, but many musicians don’t take advantage of it while they Promote Music on YouTube. 

A set of emails on your artist website is necessary, and working with other artists in a video can grow your email list.

Running a fan competition can also help you in the email field as it adds new followers to all of your social platforms and networks.

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 5: Use YouTube Ads for Musicians:

promote music on youtube

You must have a Google Ads account to set up your video as a paid Ad on

From there, you can target your video to reach specific audiences that are related to your fans. 

Why waste time with unrelated fans!

Paid YouTube Ads are among the most incredible ways to quickly raise those YouTube views and Promote Music on YouTube to the right fans.

How to Promote Music on YouTube Extra Tip 6: Reach Out to Social Media Influencers:

music on youtube

Going into the D.M.s of influencers can push your work a long way if you do it right. 

You can find an influencer that would like to Promote Music on YouTube and enjoy your video enough to share.

Twitter is the most useful place to gain support for a music video or song link because of its simple usability and gives content the power to go viral faster than most other social platforms.

The more effort you put into planning to Promote Music on YouTube, the more success, and exposure you set it up for. 

So Here You Are!

how to promote music on youtube

It is more than sing a song!

It has always been about how to Promote Music on YouTube! 

So, share your music well!

It may take some time, but that is not the problem; the problem is not doing things right.

If you are reading this, I think that you will do everything right because Biteplay has given you what you need to Promote Music on YouTube in such a brilliant way.

Always look further and plan; plans are the first step on your journey!

Never underestimate the power of teamwork when you Promote Music on YouTube; when more than one person is bringing their ideas to the table, creativity grows more than you can ever imagine.

After putting on your ideas together and your strategy, go ahead; you are ready to Promote Music on YouTube and make it shine all over the world!

Happy Promoting From Biteplay! ❤️


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