Biteplay & The 10 Startups to Follow in Brazil 2021


Monday, 30/11/2020 Capterra didn’t hesitate to feature BitePlay as one of the 10 startups to follow in Brazil in 2021.

Capterra is the most important provider of software evaluations.

Software search tools and other resources are free on capterra, and it keeps the most solid software panorama for users.

As you all know, Biteplay is an optimization tool for Youtube ads and video marketing performance.

Moreover, it helps users to find monetized videos to create targeted ads, influencers, viral videos, analytics, and more.

A few days ago, capterra decided to mention the startups people should follow in 2021, and it didn’t forget to make Biteplay one of them.

Capterra made a selection of the software that gained prominence in recent months. They are tools developed by promising startups that occupy (or are candidates to occupy) leadership positions in their areas among users and investors.

Capterra said that Biteplay was developed in Brazil with an eye on the foreign market.

So, this may be the best description of Biteplay, which helps users find the most fitting videos on Youtube to insert advertising for their brands.

Although BitePlay is on the market since 2019, it can give you amazing features to optimize your YouTube ads!

Additionally, this fast evolution proves that Biteplay will be one of the most important tools for YouTube Ads. And become a role model in the digital marketing world to inspire people who seek to make a change!

We wish you all the best! ❤️

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