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Precise YouTube ads In 5 Mins

Advertise on the exact videos your customers watch.
No more spending money in the wrong places.

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Honestly, Finding Highly Relevant,
Ad-Supported Videos Can Be Extremely Hard.

You can waste a lot of money on popular, but irrelevant, videos.

The process of going through videos one by one is painfully boring.

This is especially true when it comes to vast amounts of YouTube videos.

Increase your ROI by reaching the right people with your ads!

Without Biteplay Youtube Ads Targeting Tool
  • Burn Money
  • Lose Sales
  • Annoy People


With Biteplay Youtube Ads Targeting Tool
  • Make a Profit
  • Make Sales
  • Help People

Why Youtube?

Why Youtube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet!

You may know that Facebook and Google are increasing their prices.

YouTube will give you the cheapest buyer traffic.

If you skip this you will:

  • Miss opportunities and have limited growth potential
  • Pay high costs and fail to reach your goals
  • Lose the best buyer traffic on the internet

What If You Could Get The Exact Videos
And Put Your Product In Front Of Them?

Context is everything - Youtube Ads Targeting Tool

Find monetized videos (ad-supported) and increase conversions
by reaching your audience in their favorite places

Easy 5 Step Process To Identify
The Best Spots For Your Ads..

Easy 5 Step Process To Identify The Best Spots For Your Ads

Step 1

Precision Placement Research.

Don’t let your ad show up in random videos.

Biteplay’s precise targeting will find contextual placements based on the related keywords.

Reach your customers when
they’re most likely to take action.

Precision Keyword Research

Step 2

Precision Keyword Research.

Find the keywords that your audience is actually searching for.

Take advantage of the massive audience
of the second largest search engine.

Boost your ROI in any niche.

Viral Video Discovery

Step 3

Viral Video Discovery

Find viral videos before everyone knows it.

Use accurate, up-to-date data to build your campaign and triple your earnings.

Massive target traffic at your fingertips.

Build your Campaign

Step 4

Build your Campaign

It’s time to make a profit.

Your powerful placement list is ready.

Export your CSV file to Google ads.

Watch the money roll in.

Make eye-catching videos inside Biteplay

Step 5

No Video? No problem.

Make eye-catching videos inside Biteplay.

Our partner, will provide you with powerful tools to make your high quality videos.

You have no excuse to not make profitable campaigns.

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When Will You?

Biteplay will boost your ROI on campaigns on YouTube.
Never miss your target audience again.

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