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Honestly, finding highly relevant,
ad-supported videos can be extremely hard.

You can waste a lot of money on popular, but irrelevant, videos.

The process of going through videos one by one is painfully boring.

This is especially true when it comes to vast amounts of YouTube videos.

Increase your ROI by reaching the right people with your ads!

Kill the skip button

Relevancy at scale

What if you could get the exact videos
and put your product in front of them?

Brand Safety

Brand suitability controls.
Combination Machine and Human verification

Customized Experiences

Show up with the right message and tap into the most relevant content

Laser Target

Speaking to the interests of your viewers at the moments they’re most engaged

Youtube ads on steroids


Precision Placement Research.

Don’t let your ad show up in random videos.

Find contextual placements based on the related videos, channels, topics and keywords that your audience
is searching for.

💡 Fun Fact

Did you know that you don’t pay anything if someone
skips your video until the 30 seconds mark?
It’s literally free advertising.


Video intelligence Analysis.

Use accurate, up-to-date data to build your campaign
and triple your earnings.

Find viral videos before everyone knows it.

Monitor and compare the best videos  and pinpoint what resonates best to your targeted viewers.

💡 Fun Fact

Fresh and new videos perform better according to Youtube’s algorithm. You’ll be able to get all analytics and import the best new videos automatically.


Create your campaign.

1st party tracking solution

As soon as you run your successful YouTube ad’s
you’ll be able to kill off non converting campaigns
that are costing you money.

💡Fun Fact

Google gives you free coupons to test their ads if you are new.
What you are waiting for?

customer Stories

Thousand of marketers and small business
owners have trusted Biteplay.

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Create highly targeted Youtube ad campaigns in 5 minutes

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