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Biteplay is an All-in-one YouTube Marketing Tool:
Content Research, YouTube Influencer, Video Advertising.

All-in-one YouTube toolset

Auto-sync new relevant videos into your Google ads.

Find what your audience is watching and know how to find them.

Get in touch with the creators that are related to you.

See which keywords are ranked by videos.

Understand your KPI's with a smart conversion analytcs

Get a full training course: for beginners and advanced marketeers.

Get in front of your perfect audience

Brand Safety

Brand suitability controls.
Combination Machine and Human verification

Customized Experiences

Show up with the right message and tap into the most relevant content

Laser Target

Speaking to the interests of your viewers at the moments they’re most engaged

Get in touch with your audience prophets.

Create Impact

Build a fanbase with the real prophets that your audience already listening to.

Get Their Email

Send proposals, create partnership and invite to colab

Channel Analytcs

Understand what your audience is looking for.

Monitor everything and understand trends.

Video Monitoring

See how the video is performing
Get valuable stats from your competitors

Topic Tracker

Recieve everyday alerts about new trending videos that you choose to track

Conversion Tracking

You'll be able to know exactly what is the costs for your advertising

How We Grow Your YouTube Fast


Content Video Research.

Don’t let your ad show up in random videos.

Find contextual placements based on the related videos, channels, topics and keywords that your audience
is searching for.

💡 Fun Fact

Did you know that you don’t pay anything if someone
skips your video until the 30 seconds mark?
It’s literally free advertising.


Micro-Influencer Outreach

Discover perfectly matched channels.

Unlike other platforms, you’ll be able to find channels not only by topics or a general database, but actual videos that are closely related to your brand.

💡Fun Fact

47% of internet users search for reviews and turn to influencers before making a decision purchase.


Monitor everything that matters.

Use accurate, up-to-date data to build your campaign
and triple your earnings.

Find viral videos before everyone knows it.

Monitor and compare the best videos  and pinpoint what resonates best to your targeted viewers.

💡 Fun Fact

Fresh and new videos perform better according to Youtube’s algorithm. You’ll be able to get all analytics and import the best new videos automatically.

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Why Biteplay?

YouTube is the coolest place on the internet and business just can’t ignore it.
Videos are the best simulation of a real conversation.

Biteplay connects you with the most relevant video content and creators that are already talking with your audience.

Tap into a loyal fanbase that is truly engaged and creates a better environment for everyone.

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